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DigitalNoob's GamingMistress reviews Diablo III.

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dark-hollow2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

its easily a solid 9 if it wasn't for the online crap.

If they want to shove online only bullshit down our throats make sure its f**king works at least!

humbleopinion2527d ago

It's a solid 9 because of the online crap. Otherwise it would have been a perfect 10 - this is the best clicking&looting ARPG game to date.

So far all the respectable outlets score it between 8 and 10, so I guess I'm not alone here with my impressions from the game so far.

FanboyPunisher2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Not a soild 9, diablo has been stripped down from its past, the entire game isnt even randomly generated anymore and is basically static, with 10% random.

The game has been nerfed and simplified down like all other games this gen, its become dumber and less interesting for long term play. No mods either, always online bullshit, bad servers.

The same developers that made Diablo 1 and 2 did not make diablo 3, and the final results prove just that, its far different from the better, past diablo games that Blizzard North made.

D2/D1 > D3 just returned my Bnet purchase of D3 afte beating it on hell, shit is a joke. Replaying diablo 1 and its pretty obvious that the atmosphere alone that gave diablo its distinct vibe is now gone too, visually and music wise.

I'll say this, it seems like they tired to appeal to a wider audiance by simplifying and making the game less, evil in sound/look. Used there modified wow engine to make it aswell doesnt help either.

Kamikaze1352527d ago

You just sound like an old man drowning in your own nostalgia. May as well just posted "WELL BACK IN MY DAY GAMES WERE BETTER!", lol. This seems to always be the case with sequels :P

Bereaver2527d ago

Let me know what parts in the game are not random compared to Diablo 1/2.

Because, I'm sure.... it's over 10% and that just shows you already that you're trying to go overboard and whine.

D1 and D2 didn't have random events that happened either.

In my opinion it has its ups and its downs. Yes, the always online smacked the face of almost every gamer.
Yes, the atmosphere was changed and lost some of the feeling but you should also remember that the first diablo game was iconic and it will never have the same effect really. I mean it's possible but hard.

As for getting a refund, think about all the other games that are $60 bucks but only last around 10-20 hours. You beat it on Hell mode, surely it took you atleast 20.

You can have your rage, sure, you can have your rant. But it's clear to see you're not thinking straight and just want to diss it.

mynameisEvil2527d ago

Now, I haven't played D3, but I know for a fact that Diablo 1 had random quests. In some playthroughs, you would get the quest dealing with the Butcher, in others, the missing sign from the tavern, etc.

Now, I may not have played D3 yet, but I'm almost certain that it doesn't have THAT. Hell, I don't even think D2 had quests like that (though I may be wrong, it's been AAAAGGGGEESSS since I played a Diablo game).

Daver2527d ago

Im not a hater, i didnt have any problem with the online part so far but the game is worth no more than a 7/10 in my opinion. After 10 years I was looking for a little more than that.

AlienLion2527d ago

Some comments there said that the online thing shouldnt influence an opinion on the game itself. What bs. If a game has bad glithes, slow downs, bad frame rate drops or crashes, it affects the score because it affects the experience. Their DRM is the same way, its a behind the scenes mehanic that affects the experience and so Blizz deserves cockpunch to the ribs just the same.

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JsonHenry2527d ago

I have to force myself to play with my friends. It just isn't a Diablo game. No stats to make my char build the way I want, the constant online is a real downer so far, and the millions of hiccups/lag spikes make the game not as much fun as I feel it could be.

I would not give it a 5/10, but a 7/10 would be the highest I would give this game in its current state.

pr0digyZA2527d ago

I actually find the builds they give have more diversity than diablo 2 as you get to decide what powers and ruins you like the best. Everyone would research where to put their points and would end up with very similar builds in diablo 2, and if you clicked the wrong thing then you would restart-20 points into the same 4 skills and that was it. My barbarian in Diablo 2 would be very similar to your by the end, whereas diablo 3 will have completely different builds thanks to ruins/jems. Also I'm pretty sure there were no runes, no charms and 5 classes in the original D2. Those things were added later on when the expansion came out and in patches.

The online does suck though, I hope they release an offline patch sometime in the future, but must admit I haven't had any disconnects or connecting issue- only the odd lag spike.

For me it's a 9/10.

Saladfax2527d ago

Don't forget about Elective Mode if you haven't seen it yet. It allows you to fully customize your quickbar, including using multiple spells/skills from the same schools.

It's under options.

morganfell2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

I have been trying to play the game but I find there is really a lack of customization and choices compared to some titles. Streamlining (simplifying for the masses) has killed more than one game. The skill tree alone in Path of Exile is more to my liking and more my choice of the direction I want to take a character so that it is wholly unique.

Baka-akaB2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

I disagree . Then are even less option with the new system . Imo the only reason people got different build right now are the lack of pvp competition , any kind of competition , and no clearcut yet loot boss to abuse and optomize for , at least not yet .

As soon as something like mephisto runs appears , or pvp emerge , you know that plenty people will just follow the trendy power builds ... making those restrictions pretty much for nothing .

People who didnt touch pvp and any competition in D2 had no issues customizing and having varied builds in Solo and co-op .

To each their own , and i'm not calling the game anything less than good or still great even , but i dont get how people insist on defending that aspect , when nothing prevented Stats+ the new skills , runes and gems system , even more so when every game after d2 prety much featured a way , paid or not , to reset points

Truth be told , the whole mixed together would be more options available , no contest . Less isnt more here .

ps :

I'd give it 7/10 . It's a great game but with too much streamlined and yet missing .

shackdaddy2527d ago

Wow. A 5? Im having a blast with this game...

Dexter902527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

you surely are noobs

what a stupid review! lol

but congratz, you just got what you wanted, page views

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