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Headset aficionados Tritton and Ubisoft have got together to bring us gamers some new accessories for the tactical shooter Ghost Recon Future Soldier. In this review we will be looking at the Ghost Recon Future Soldier 7.1 Surround Headset that is compatible for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console. This headset promises to: provide everything you need to get connected to your console, have immersive 3D directional audio, deep bass and crisp highs and a selectable voice monitoring (SVM) system.

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tokugawa2346d ago

i had these... or atleast i had the tritton ax 720s which these are. honestly, they aint bad! but i felt like somethng was missing with them, and that the quality of sound just wasnt there.

so, i now have the sennheiser pc 360s, which i use with the astro mixamp.

if you are looking to get a headset, and you are buying it yourself, just pay the extra for the combo that i have. you will not be disappointed.

but, if you have to ask someone to buy you a headset, then you wont go wrong with this or the cheaper non ghost recon version..

Kopite_20202346d ago

As an audiofile I'm increasingly annoyed at the shoddy design of "high end" gaming headphones, I have a pair of turtle beach x4's, as soon as you connect the mic there is such an obvious hiss, it's ridiculous that they let this slide! Better shielding would have sorted this out straight off. So hard to find headphones that have a flat EQ and are 5.1 (I know it's a lot to ask but come on).

tokugawa2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

lol sorry, you're an audiofile but you bought turtle beaches?? man what was you thinking?

but saying that, my first headset was a pair of turtle beaches.... which i kept for less than a week. truly awful

@ iceman below.

i have a real homecinema set up. and although i do agree, i cannot have it thumping all the time. besides, the "simulated" surround works very well with e sennheiser astro mixamp set up. whats more, having the speakers rite to my ears is great.

the detail is there, and i definately pick things up i miss with the home cinema. imo, they both have there uses in a gamers set up

Iceman X2346d ago

True in that situation then yeah the headphones maybe your only option if you're in an aptartment with people next door. Yeah ok that's a good point.

Kopite_20202346d ago

I've always been careful with my monitors and headphones when it's come to work, but for recreational things like games and movies I didn't pay much attention. It's only now that some of my work has strayed into film and games that things like the TB headphones really do my head in.

Kopite_20202346d ago

I'm in a similar boat to yourself tougawa, would you advise the astro mixamp to give simulated surround with my hd650s?

Iceman X2346d ago

For the moeny i'd rather get a REAL PCM 7.1 HD receiver that you can use for everything instead of this fake ass simulated surround crap. Most people don't know you can't get real suuround if the speakers aren't AROUND you. These things are just cheap simulated headphone, at least the Sony headphones say they are stereo and 7.1 simulated. If you go to this company site you will find PCM, Dolby HD or DTS HD, NO WHERE on there site.