New SEGA Superstars Tennis Screenshots

Strategy Informer has unleashed 18 new screenshots for SEGA Superstars Tennis which is set to be released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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LJWooly3981d ago

Looks like a fun MP game.

Chubear3981d ago

Good lord, when does the over load on milking franchises end with Nintendo?

LJWooly3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

While I agree with you on the "milking franchises" thing, Nintendo do it a hell of a lot better (Mario galaxy, Twilight Princess, etc.) than any other company out there.

A long time ago, Nintendo found a formula, a formula so good they knew it would keep gamers coming for more, no matter how old it got.
Sony also have their own formula, and while it's good, it constantly needs frequent doses of innovation to keep it going.
Microsoft... well... they didn't.

I reckon this game will sell pretty well, myself.

Radiomorph3981d ago

What has Nintendo have to do with this?

ChickeyCantor3981d ago

chubear never heard of sega.....dude sega and Nintendo aint the same

ItsDubC3981d ago

I wonder if Sega is using any code from Virtua Tennis for the gameplay/physics aspect...

wiizy3981d ago

what does nintendo have to do with it clown... besides you just wanting to hate cause nintendo is on top

Chubear3974d ago

I guess I mistakenly wrote on a wrong forum for some odd reason but actully, looking at this game I say my comment still remains for Nintendo and I'll save this comment for the the annoucement of the next "Mario super tennis and party sims" game - cause you know it's coming.

As for this, it seems Sega's trying to pull a Nintendo with this.

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