What We Want From Mario on Wii U

"Nintendo and Mario go way back. In fact, everyone’s favorite plumber has a long history of defining whatever console he and his “special” mushrooms grace. It all started way back with Super Mario Bros. for NES, but held true for Nintendo’s subsequent console endeavors as well. Super Mario World for SNES. Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube. Super Mario Galaxy for Wii. Nintendo’s console history is littered with Mario being super, so it’s no surprise Wii U is set to continue this trend."

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LX-General-Kaos2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

The Mario franchise is the most recognizable franchise in the history of our great hobby.

Though as Elite Nintendo gamers, we can wish, but we never know what surprises await us in the next iteration of the Mario franchise.

Mario as a character is used quit often, but each outing of the high jumping superstar is completely different from the previous main entry. Yes the core gameplay is similar in each main entry with added new features for improved gameplay, bleeding edge graphics and physics. But outisde of the two Super Mario Galaxy titles, the worlds have drastically changed. Leaving Nintendo Elite gamers guessing and speculating what can possibly happen next in the Super Mario universe.

Mario has proven that he can do anything that your brain can imagine, as there are no creative limits present in a Nintendo platform exclusive Super Mario title.

Just as Super Mario Galaxy lead the industry this generation providing Nintendo supporters with a AAA quality awarding platform experience like no other. The next main entry in the forever evolving world of Super Mario will continue that great trend, and take the world of platform gaming to new heights. Exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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MorbidPorpoise2529d ago

''Though as Elite Nintendo gamers, we can wish, but we never know what surprises await us in the next iteration of the Mario franchise. ''

I agree. its going to be interesting to see what the concept and or new gameplay element that will be in the next Mario game.

I was happily surprised with Sunshine's FLUDD along with the gravity and varity of costumes changing elements in the Galaxy series.

dark-hollow2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

say whatever you like about mario, but i rarely see a sequel like mario galaxy that burst with creativity, imagination and killer game designing.

the things that most people forgot in favor of moar graphixs and polygonz!!! with lots of grey/brown colored, uninspiring and bland art styles and clearly little thought put into the game design and gameplay.

what happened to art style? game design? gameplay mechanics and the overall presentation? all of those were perfected in mario galaxy 1&2.

Skateboard2529d ago

Why are you being so defensive ? No one bashed Mario on this topic : /

I like Mario, but I'm not a huge fan of his games. I always pick him in Smash Bros.

Titanz2529d ago

Co-op, with Mario and Luigi. One player gets to controls the game's camera angles on tv, and the other controls his/hers on the Wii Upad.

ozstar2528d ago

THAT sounds horrible!

i mean horribly complicated

Titanz2528d ago

1 player has the tv -- the other, the Wii Upad. Did you ever play a game called, "The Warriors?" It was so amazing, because in co-op mode, whenever the two players were on screen, it would combine as one image (the camera), and whenever you'd separate, it would split in two (horizontal, or vertically).

It's just an idea. I'm willing to read yours, if you have one. :P

frequentcontributor2528d ago

The article is bashing Mario, a bit, in that it keeps telling Nintendo what to do and what not to do... I think they've got it figured out. More than fire and ice levels? Done, since every Mario game has that. No Miis? Okay, since no game has done that yet, either. The upcoming WiiU game based off the E3 demo MIGHT have that, but it USA spinoff, anyway. Just let Nintendo do what they do best!

frequentcontributor2528d ago

Oh, and Mario in Heaven/Hell is what I would like to see next!

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