Far Cry 3: Correcting some of the issues of the FPS?

"Today, it's almost impossible to go walk into any store that sells video games without finding at least a dozen first person shooters. Unfortunately, we hardly ever see an engaging story, player choice or so on. Now, that is not to say there aren't exceptions. Recently I finally got a computer powerful enough to run The Darkness II. I went in expecting to play a game that was all about ripping the hell out of my enemies and the story taking a backseat to the action. Well, the story in my opinion wasn't the best around, I'll admit that much, but the characters and their interaction with eachother in that game amazed me. Other games show relationships etc, but The Darkness II proved to me that it can be done correctly in a first person view. This really excited me because I thought of all the possibilites for future first person shooters focusing on character, namely Far Cry 3." - Nick C,

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iamnsuperman2532d ago

I am excited about Far Cry 3 but at the same time worried. Far Cry had some good elements (like custom maps) but where it fell down was glitches, the whole malaria thing and the enemy checkpoints (scared me every time I heard a voice or a car because it always meant they found me). What worries me about Far Cry 3 is this whole psychedelic twist to it (is this the new malaria thing) and is it going to be as buggy. Hopefully there will be a demo but it is looking good.

Summons752531d ago

I hated Far Cry 2 because of the who Malaria thing and in my opinion I hated what they did with the map editor. I spent weeks building one map on Far Cry Instincts/predator, but Far Cry 2 I feel like the controls were unnatural. I can't wait for Far Cry 3...I just hope they demo off the map editor at E3 this year

hiredhelp2531d ago

It took me a while get used to complex controlls of the editor turning objects in such a way trying to view nothing like previous titles.
However as like you my freind i started on instincts went threw the ranks i like fc2 engine i love gave us more objects i love better physix but i miss ziplines.
You get a agree from me many wont understand background of farcry and map editor here if they not started from the start.

sonicsidewinder2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

I think the game won't be as good as I hope, but there was one thing from the video's shown so far...

The visuals. It screamed the old Far Cry game. Even Far Cry Instincs was a good game in it's time, and while diferent, it still felt Far Cry.

This one too looks the part. Rusting Wrecks on the beach? Check. Beautiful Tropical Island, check. Curious informant down the microphone? Check.

It looks like the driving is still the same as FC2 though. Far Cry Instincts driving was great cus you could shoot and aim with one hand while driving independantly. Made for some excellent action chases; bombing down the road and shooting a barrel etc, PLUS the ability to use vehicular turrets.

FC2 was just stop and start vehicular combat. Boring.

MasterD9192531d ago

I was looking forward to this game this year but I've decided to hold off on this game in favor of all of the other titles coming out around that time.