BagoGames: Interview With Andy Tudor Creative Director Of “Project Cars”

This week we talk to Andy Tudor from Slightly Mad Studios about their new game “Project Cars”.

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Ajoyshop2528d ago

Loving this series so far. :)

liberator232528d ago

Exclusives like this are what really make a website shine in the industry!

Bagogames2528d ago

That's what were aiming for. Project Cars has sort of been under the radar. But we've reported on it numerous times and what better way to get a scoop than to talk to the creators of it themselves.

jeremybtyler2528d ago

This is awesome, keep this series alive! Great original content.

Bagogames2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

We plan on it. We have a big interview with the developers of sorcery (PS3) hitting the site - the same day it hits stores - on Tuesday!

pumpkinlord452528d ago

Not bad. Really informative interview. I can't wait to actually play this game.

Bagogames2528d ago

Same! It looks really good. :)

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