Far Cry 3's latest footage is underwhelming and shows what is wrong with today's gaming industry

DSOGaming writes: "A new Far Cry 3 footage emerged today, courtesy of GameTrailers, and showcases what is wrong with the gaming industry these days. You see, Far Cry is known for its freedom. Yeah, freedom (mark this word because it's really important). However, Ubisoft seems unable to offer what all of their fans have been asking all these years. Instead, the company decided to go the Uncharted route and include one hell of scripted events and scripted gameplay sequences that were made exclusively for that scene."

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NYC_Gamer2532d ago

Far Cry is dead to me the franchise has changed too much...

BattleAxe2532d ago

Well that makes one of us.

Spydiggity2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

agreed. people cried after FC2 because it was too open and things got repetitive. so they swing the other way, and more ppl cry.

i'm really just getting sick of all the whining coming from gaming "journalists" (using this term VERY loosely). you don't have to buy every game. if this doesn't appeal to you, then play something else.

This author's complaint is a far cry from justified.

Wenis2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

All I care about is the map editor

I mean hell even playing those 'Escape' maps (especially with a friend) that people create are worth paying the 60 bucks for

F7U122532d ago

It's just one scene so I don't see the harm but lets wait for reviews before we get the torches and pitchforks shall we.

Blastoise2532d ago

I can see where the guy is coming from with scripted events. He mentions uncharted a lot, but Uncharted added long periods of shooting gameplay to seperate the scripted parts. Hopefully Far Cry 3 will be the same, hes blowing it way out of proportion.

LastDance2532d ago

events sculpted by professional writers to increase dramatic tension is what is wrong with the industry?

................... no sir...You are what is wrong with this industry

Gaming1012532d ago

Wow, noone bought Far Cry 2 (just compare it with Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, it was hardly a blip on the radar) and so they change the formula to attract a wider audience to perhaps turn a profit this time, and people whine and complain as per usual - no big deal, just because you see some set pieces doesn't mean the entire game will be like that, it just means those are the pieces that look the best and are worth showing during the few minutes of airtime you get on TV and in trailers.

And really, watching someone randomly roaming an open world is kindof boring, so it makes sense to show the biggest moments in trailers to create some hype.

RedDead2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Uncharted is a bit meh in fairness, interactive movie woo.

Half life 1 and 2 kept you in complete control almost the whole time DedicatedtoGamers.

"Too much "open worldness" without unique events can be boring, too, ya know,"
That's why Skyrim is ****. Nothing is unique in it. Dragons...some call them the best part of the game. pff, Dragons are a waste of spac ein it, once you kill 1, you know what they'll be like for the rest of the game, they'll never be able to kill you, because they are scaled

dedicatedtogamers2532d ago

People tend to forget that Half Life 1 and 2 (and Ep. 1 and 2) were nothing but scripted sequences, and those games are GREAT.

Scripted sequences done correctly are just fine. Too much "open worldness" without unique events can be boring, too, ya know

DA_SHREDDER2532d ago

I don't see how you guys hype this game up? The last 2 farcry's were garbage.

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dark-hollow2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

is this man serious? OH NOZ THEY HAVE SCRIPTED SEQUENCEZ!!!shift111

the rest of the game can be open world with freedom of taking any path you want but also it have it share of scripted events.

many open world games had them like fallout 3 and skyrim so why cry now? and what IS wrong with some scripted events? if done right its adds up to the experience because the developer can adjust the situation as he please which if done right can be great.

NYC_Gamer2532d ago

Well,because that's not what the original Far Cry was about....

Spydiggity2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

the original killzone wasn't an FPS. neither was x-com. crysis was a jungle/outdoor game, crysis 2 was in a city. resident evil 4 was far different than the first 3 REs. Guitar Hero started out being just about a guitar. How about the big changes in the Red Dead series?

point is...who cares if that's "not what the original farcry was about?" Farcry 2 was hardly anything like Farcry. Farcry 1 had a lot of scripted events and corridor areas. Farcry 2 didn't. Like i said in my previous comment, a lot of ppl seem to really just enjoy complaining.

Chitown712912532d ago

o.O but what was underwhelming about this?

STONEY42532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

"the original killzone wasn't an FPS"


Anyways, they've already shown parts of the game that are Far Cry style, like the E3 demo. Far Cry 2 had scripted sections too. Every game has them. A 3 minute scripted segment doesn't mean the entire game is like that.

snipes1012532d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasnt the original killzone an fps?

stevenhiggster2532d ago

Yeah the first KZ was definitely an fps, the second Killzone, Killzone Liberation wasn't an fps.

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Nimblest-Assassin2532d ago

^This is whats wrong with gamers and our "journalists". This was a 3 minute video correct? So are we going to judge an entire game based on 3 minute video?

Remember the first gameplay of farcry 3?

Now lets watch the alternate of the same gameplay

Seriously... I can not stand gamers who do this... but I straight up put the middle finger at journalists who do this.

You have not played the game,you have not touched the game... so stop assuming its all going to be linear

Since this site loves Skyrim... since most of the articles are about Skyrim remember this?

Your stuck in a carraige, dragon attacks you... you can't really experiment with what you have...the very opening of Skyrim was scripted... but the world then opens up to you

Lots of open world games have those scripted moments...

I really hate when quote on quote journalists do this.

Hell your job is to sit down play games, and then make informed critisms on what you have seen and played for the public to get a better understanding..

But instead these guys slander the hard work of Game dev's without even touching their product in the first place...

Hell Im not even getting Farcry 3...but reading this just pissed me off

Statix2532d ago

Well said.

Skyrim is one of the most prime examples of an open-world game there is, but even it has a number of scripted sequences.

humbleopinion2532d ago

You really nailed this one Nimblest. It's absurd how people (let alone journalists) don't understand how a single scripted sequence presentation is not a representative of an entire game.
They just look nice when doing on-stage presentations since there's less room for error, so this is why they are commonly used. You see the exact same gameplay trailers in Bioshock games, and the last thing someone can say about them is that they're scripted...

rick52922532d ago

Some of y'all have to understand where Far Cry fans are coming from. One cannot argue that this game looks like COD more than a Far Cry. Back in the day, there was a great deal of uniqueness that separated all the games apart from one another. Far Cry Instincts Predator had an amazing mp WITH vehicles. I'm also one of those guys who have given up on RE as well. To each his own I guess....

TekoIie2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

"Far Cry is dead to me the franchise has changed too much..."

Because Far Cry 1 was like the best shooter EVER!!!/s

Far Cry 2: really fun and different, had some annoying gameplay mechanics but it was fun.

Far Cry 3: Takes something from COD but it looks fun, therefore day 1 buy for me!

Theres all this complaint about change. We hate it when games change from their previous instalments but then everyone goes round saying COD needs to change to get their attention...

bumnut2532d ago

"Far Cry is dead to me the franchise has changed too much..."

I think he means from a PC perspective. Far Cry 1 on PC was nothing like Far Cry on consoles.

geth1gh2532d ago

looks like 42 disagreeing people to nyc's statement probably enjoy cod to this day as well.

Statix2532d ago

Umm... no. Way to generalize in ignorant fashion.

I'm much more of a Battlefield fan than a COD fan. I'm also much more of an open-world and tactical shooter fan than linear shooters. I've played every Far Cry game since Far Cry 1 (except for Far Cry Vengeance on Wii... *blech*). Hell, I even enjoyed Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

The fact of the matter is yes, Far Cry has changed. But not necessarily for the worse. A lot of franchises evolve, and need to evolve, lest they become stale regurgitations of the same thing over and over again. I loved Far Cry 1. Far Cry 2 was a big departure, but in a good way. It was a true open-world shooter, with far more freedom to do what you want and go where you want. Sure, it was a very flawed game, with many annoying difficulty spikes and gameplay mechanics... but the concept and ambition were impressive.

Far Cry 3 actually is taking the franchise back to its roots a little bit, returning to the awesome tropical island that I adore, while maintaining the true open-world freedom that Far Cry 2 offered. I also don't doubt that Ubisoft is going to address all the annoying gameplay mechanics of its predecessor this time around. A little bit of scripted sequences in a game that is almost entirely open world doesn't bother me.

Hicken2532d ago

I don't even need a "probably" to say you're wrong.

geth1gh2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

No need to go on a fanboy rant about far cry. It wasn't specific to this game, it's games in general man. They are terrible these days. Well not really terrible, just not innovative. But we continue to support the same thing over, and over, and over again. So why should they change anything?

The only game I ever have a desire to play is bf3 and even then I can only play a few games before I get tired of it and really have no desire to play anything else.

I was using COD as one of the worst examples but truly its the whole gaming industry.

I have no idea what needs to be done or what can be changed, but that's what I pay the game developers for.

Switch somethings up guys.

WeskerChildReborned2532d ago

"I'll smash through it." *Breaks the whole door with one knife swing*

ian722532d ago

I thought he was going to run at the door and use his shoulder.

dirthurts2532d ago

People complain about change, then people complain about no change...very very odd.
I'll happy accept the change and enjoy the crap out of the game when it comes out.
Even Farcry 2 was pretty good when you looked past it's flaws.

showtimefolks2532d ago

after the MESS FC2 was they have to earn my trust and money otherwise this will be a bargain bin game

GiNJAXL2532d ago

"the original killzone wasn't an FPS"

What!? Yes it was.

The issue here is that it literally does look like Uncharted: Drake's First Person Shooter. That wouldn't be a bad thing if it wasn't EXACTLY the same. I felt like I was going through the burning castle part of Uc3 watching that. I kept thinking man I could get through this section so much faster than this guy playing by hopping on that ledge over there.

chaldo2532d ago

Its so funny when people complain about how a new game in a franchise doesn't look or "feel" like it's predecessors yet they complain about Call of Duty.

People always have to complain about something. If developers try to do something new, "fans" backlash and say its too different but if they keep doing the same thing its labeled as a cash grab.

aviator1892532d ago

Are you seriously going to judge the game based on a short video? I believe, if you watch the other videos, the game is pretty darn're placed in a jungle on an island with whichever way to travel. Besides, this burning house sequence and the ransom vid were awesome and the writers are doing an excellent job with the material.

t0mmyb0y2532d ago

Comparing the first Far Cry with the second, I fully agree. They should have called #2 something else.

avengers19782532d ago

I have never played fry cry, but after the footage at E3 i instantly put FarCry 3 on my buy list... Some times things need to change, If they want to attract new consumers like myself... and as a result of that it will generally piss of the hardcore fans of the franchise... I can use Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 as an example for me, I loved Killzone 2, but only like KZ3.

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john22532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

They should had named the game 'Far-Charted 3'. That would make more sense... I guess

Ace_Pheonix2532d ago

Or Fan Cry would be appropriate

dark-hollow2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

because burning buildings are uncharted exclusive... -_-

Machioto2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

@dark I get what you are saying but,when I watched the video I thought of uncharted.on a side note,I'm suprised how good it looks,if it's running on consoles than good job ubisoft and my only gripe so for is the guy voice ,it seems not to connect with his character.

Y_51502532d ago

Please no. Why bring up Uncharted in an article involving mainly Far Cry 3?

fatboyfsx2532d ago

Far Cry + Uncharted = Fharted

MaxXAttaxX2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago ) Uncharted 3, Nate doesn't announce his actions. And in sequences like this, you CAN die in Uncharted 3 because you're faced with obstacles and enemies in your way. But in this Far Cry 3 sequence, nothing, you just move forward.

However, this is just a cinematic sequence / interactive cutscene. So as far as I'm concerned, Far Cry 3 is still an open world game.

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Letros2532d ago

That FOV is making my head hurt, hope it'll be expandable.

Kran2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

God sake. You're one of the silly gamers who complain when the tiniest thing is making your "head hurt".

A bright light should make your head hurt, not that :/

Sure, you might be sarcastic, but if thats the case, I dont see it that way.

@emekcrash Barely. That FOV seems fine to me from this clip. This is merely a tiny thing to me. Sure for a lot of PC gamers, its a big deal. For me: I just play games as they are and the games fine for me. Am I a weirdo? Probably.

emekcrash2532d ago

Small FOVs on monitors DO make your head hurt. That's why consoles have rathole 60 FOV on all FPS games, because you usually don't have your head right next to the TV screen and you sit far away from it, on your couch.

Ducky2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Low FOV is a problem.
You might not find it to be an issue, but there are plenty of people that do suffer headaches because a low FOV combined with sitting close to TV/Monitor can cause nausea.
(There was a fair bit of complaints at Darkness2 because it was locked at a low FOV)

It's not exactly 'silly' to suffer from it.

TekoIie2532d ago

I guess epileptics are stupid??? Im probably taking your comment too seriously there.

Gears 3's roadie run and BF3's flashlight hurt my head loads after about 2-3 hours of gaming straight.

StayStatic2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

No he's not , your being silly here ;)

If a game does not provide a FOV option then it is not fit for purpose because of health reasons and should not pass quality assurance.

Saying people are being silly is nothing short of ignorant , not having a FOV option makes it unplayable for a lot of people who have shelled out cash for an game, just because a developer who could not be bothered to implement a fundamental feature into their games.

TBM2532d ago

i couldnt play HL2 when i got it for 360 because of the FOV make me sick instantly, same with FC2 so if this one is small i'll wont be able to play this one either.

its not silly and there are a bunch of us gamers out there that suffer from this problem.

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StayStatic2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I would love to know which misinformed fools are disagreeing with you Letros.

cstyle2532d ago

why don't we just wait until the game releases before judging.

Dovahkiin2532d ago

This, comment section seems full of hate today.

Axonometri2532d ago

You are right. I still want to see end result...

I just see, (long pause)glaring, similarities to another popular game in this latest game footage of Far Cry 3. So much so, that I wonder if they possibly released it just to get the buzz on it. Decisions, decisions... ay Ubisoft?

JellyJelly2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Because making quick assumptions instead of factual research seems to be what constitutes gaming journalism today.

Did a quick search on google and found this interview where the devs themselves talk about the open world and exploration aspect of FarCry 3 -

masa20092532d ago

I agree, I thought the same thing when I saw the footage.