UK Govt moves to reassure games industry: Prime Minister's comments on knife crime don't signify new measures

Following yesterday's report by UK tabloid The Sun, in which Prime Minister Gordon Brown was quoted talking about knife crime and associating it with videogames, the government has moved to dispel concerns that any new crackdown is imminent.

A Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) spokesperson has told that the report didn't highlight any change in policy, nor did it add anything to the debate.

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Neurotoxin3956d ago

I Trust our british goverment as much as the russian/polish migrant workers who keep wanting to cut my grass....... Only i cut my grass!

zZ Lazy Zz3956d ago

Kids have finally got something to do except hang around on street corners getting high or into trouble and the government investigate it!The guy is a moron (like Neurotoxin).