Feature: Launching a Console Without Mario

In recent weeks Nintendo Life has been looking at console launches, as preparation for the pre-launch hype for Wii U that's set to begin at E3 2012. In some cases the absence of a major Mario title has been a source of controversy and debate, as various Nintendo systems have launched with the famous mascot. Mike Mason and Thomas Whitehead of Nintendo Life assess the launches of GameCube and 3DS and consider whether either suffered without the famous plumber, or whether he would have made little difference to the ultimate fate of GameCube, or the difficult early months of 3DS.

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BattleAxe2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Launching a console without Mario for Nintendo is suicide. Nintendo is going straight up Kamikaze next gen.

Nac2526d ago

Mario hasn't ushered a console in for a while. In the meantime we have had his brother and Link stand at the beginning of things. I don't mind that at all.

WeskerChildReborned2526d ago

No Nintendo is complete without launching Mario or Zelda.

dark-hollow2526d ago

its WAAAY too early for a new zelda game. i really doubt the wii u would launch with a zelda game.

they usually take 4-5 years between each main sequel.
quality takes time :)

tweet752526d ago

well fact nintendo would not be here today without mario.

If nintendo really wants to make fans happy they will include a mario pack in game with the wii u at launch. One of my best gaming memories is getting snes in 1992 and playing super mario world the first time. If nintendo can recreate that same type of thing with wiiu it would be great.

MorbidPorpoise2526d ago

3DS and Gamecube had a reasonable amount of sales at launch.

But when Mario or Zelda were released, it was like the consoles were given a new lease life... and now look at the 3DS, its on fire in Japan and the West since the launch of Mario Kart/3D Land.

Of couse the price drop along with OoT helped out the 3DS, but it would've been a differnt start if the Mario games and the OoT remake came out at the launch of the 3DS or just after.

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