The HD Salvage Plan

Last week held a plethora of events and twists in the format war, Warner Bros. embraced Blu-ray thus decimating the high hopes of Toshiba for this year just before the CES event. This move by Warner came as a vital step to end the format war. The PLAYSTATION 3 was the Trojan horse in this war, it has sold over 6 million units at the least estimate with some other sources saying it has sold up to 8.9 million units in its first year in the market, those numbers overwhelmed the stand-alone players figures ensuring Sony's long stay in the war. But hold on for a minute, what are we missing here? The HD DVD camp is not giving up nor retreating. So what's happening?

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Maddens Raiders3927d ago

I really hope noe that Paramount/Universal/Toshiba loses as much money as possible in this hair-brained misadventure. Utterly, ridiculous.

Kleptic3927d ago will drag on for a few more years...

look at Sony with Minidisc...that had no direct competition until CD burners showed up (which has since been decimated by flash media for the most part) never reached mainstream at all...and its still around...

my guess is that HD DVD will limp on for a while...but will lose all exclusive support within the year or so, maybe a little longer...some more studios will drop support altogether...but Paramount and Universal will probably go with both formats for a few attempt to not look so stupid...if they both pull out of HD DVD altogether, that would be one of the funniest things in electronics altogether...they first stick with HD DVD, which kept this stupid war going in the first place...then pull out of it to end the war totally...the PR reports at the end of that mess would be worth recording...

Daver3927d ago

jeez... End this war... Will Toshiba unserstand that this is the end... and its bad for consumers to keep their format alive
They tried, it didnt work, now its time to give up.. lets focus on the new format, thats it
and dont argue with me if you bought an HD DVD, early adopter took a risk as we all did from buying HD DVD or BLUray