Max Payne 3 and a Free-aim Bender

4Player-"Sometimes I need a challenge, like a hunky 28-year old who hangs out at local cougar bars. Max Payne sure is one hell of a short straw to pull. This though, …this is an occasion, the kind I typically celebrate with an empty litter and cramped controller-hands. I was surprised the options menu didn’t blow me for having such big balls. That would have made these pills a hell of a lot easier to swallow."

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crimsonfox2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Haha you can tell this author was playing Max Payne hardcore, this is a pretty funny article.Allot of humor and good Max Payneish vocabulary and phases
"Theres no denying the idea that I was playing on free-aim added a little spice to this bullet-taco." haha

Trenta272530d ago

I actually just finished the game on hardcore. That pissed me off so much, but it was oh so worth it. Hardest thing I have done in some time in terms of gaming.

StayStatic2530d ago

Can you select Hardcore right off the bat ? waiting for the PC release and would gladly jump on that mode as they restricted it in the past 2 games till your completed normal mode or something like that.

mttrackmaster382530d ago

Nope. You have to beat hard mode first. Hardcore isn't even the hardest mode anyway. "Old School" is hard as heeeeeeeeelllllllllll.

StayStatic2530d ago

Thanks mttrackmaster38 , look forward to it :D

briandb822530d ago

Hi, habe das Game soeben angespielt! Es ist der Hammer. Habe noch weitere Trailer vorab auf und geschaut. Für alle die das Game noch nicht gespielt haben. Ich sage Euch 10 von 10 Punktne dafür!! Kauft es uch unbedingt!


Hanilugtehul2530d ago

luk røven din røvballeædende pølsetysker:-)