Friday Roundtable: Our E3 2012 Predictions, Part 1

BNBGaming shares its E3 2012 predictions in the first of two parts. Will new consoles appear? Which game will steal the show? How will the Wii U fare? And what sleeper hits should we be on the look out for?

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ardivt2529d ago

Until yesterday I hoped that sony/ms would announce/show off their new consoles.
But after I have seen UE4 I want them to rethink their system specs. And at E3 2013 both should announce their new consoles and release them a short time after. Now I don't want to have new consoles announced and have them released 18 months later :/

Ck1x2529d ago

I know most here think that UE4 is the target of the PS4&Durango. But Epic has spent quite a bit of time consulting Nintendo on the credentials of what the WiiU should be capable of. That leads me to believe that the WiiU will be the console in which this engine debuts on in June! Of course the engine will be available on PS4 & Durango when those systems launch and no doubtedly look better on those respective systems. But if Nintendo can have such an announcement ready at E3 for the WiiU, this will do major things for their image with developers and the core audience...

Sithlord-Gamble2529d ago

I have a feeling that we will see fallout 4 this year.