Retro Rewind: Sega Dreamcast

GameDaily writes:

"Before it became a third-party publisher, Sega made some of the industry's best game consoles. Among them was the Sega Dreamcast, which hit the U.S. in September 1999. It ushered in the current generation of gaming as we know it, with advanced visuals, refined analog control and online connectivity. This week's Retro Rewind looks back on some of the better games for the system."

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Lex Luthor3956d ago

Shenmue, oh how i miss thee.

predator3956d ago

agreed, the dreamcast had some amazing games, and shenmue was one of them

Phaqutomb3956d ago

man i loved Sega back in the day. but after i spent my hard earned money on the 32x to go with my genesis and sega cd. they dropped it like a bad habit . Same with the Saturn it came and went.

BubblesDAVERAGE3956d ago

I liked sonic on the dreamcast and powerstone...

eyeballpauluk3956d ago

well i had a DC when it first came out, but then had to sell it to a relative soon after as I needed teh cash! But a few weeks ago I got it back from her...and I am now going to get through some oldie games I wish i did years ago...

well, once i get through my collection of ps3/360 games lol

name3956d ago

My cousin owned a dreamcast and me and him shared a room back then. I loved sonic, powerstone, soul calibur, and that royal rumble game.

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