Square Enix eyes up Western developers

MCV, Ben Parfitt, January 15, 2008:

Square Enix is preparing a renewed push in Western territories this year – and has admitted that it would consider acquiring a European studio.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, the president and CEO of Square's European and US divisions John Yamamoto said the firm was focusing on how to better seduce Western markets when developing new titles.

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General Pinky3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

They come out saying quote
"we may work with microsoft, give the work to different studio to make for that console"
Come on...who wants there games anyways
What noobs

gunnerforlife3934d ago

awwww poor baby u angry that u aint gone ever gett any true FF games for u broken console,dont get angry now just go out and beg for £300 or $400, a bet if they did unounce FF13 for ur broken console, ud be praising them and calling them the best developers in this plannet lool this just shows how stupid u r.

Panthers3934d ago

Yea that was a dumb comment. SE is one of the top developers. Just because they don't want to make 360 games (just like Valve wont make PS3 games) doesnt mean you have to be jealous.

RiseOfMonster3934d ago

Isn't that sort of similar to what Valve did with The Orange Box for the PS3; then complain when people didnt buy it.

InYourMom3933d ago

They won't see a penny from me knowing that they will release nothing but crap on the 360 platform.. I hope they are shunned just like western devs are in Japan..

@1.1 - Nice cheap shot! You sound like you have little d!ck syndrome! What the hell are you talking about broken console?? My console isn't broke you douchebag. SE makes the same rehash crap year and year and for some reason the Playstation nation love sucking up to them.

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AnSteRiX3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

u sure about that..
because they keep saying new titles are coming but they keep delaying titles on the PS3 ....^o) WTF

Iamback3934d ago

Biggest mistake Sony made 5 years ago was not to buy Enix before it merged with Squaresoft and became what we know today as SquareEnix. I think in near future of FF games after 13 will all go multi platform because SE will want to milk more money. You can sense that in their statements. Now people will say "what is different than it was during last gen". Well all i have to say, back than they were not all about "we want to do better in western market". Things are changing.
Sony should try to acquire Level 5 before they get to big like SE

PS360WII3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Either multi or end up like Dragon Quest and go handheld. Although I would welcome that because handhelds are awesome.

Yet I hope Level 5 stays by itself and is not boughten up by someone.

bootsielon3934d ago

Once Sony's stock rises after sometime of having Universal and Paramount on the BD camp and selling a ton of PS3s, they should try to make an exchange of stocks with square enix and try a merger. That way they will have a stronghold of the japanese market for years to come.

Iamback3934d ago

They can't buy SquareEnix now even if they wanted to. Now they are big company, and they have NO INTEREST to sell them selves.
That was my point(if you read what i wrote in first comment)

poos33934d ago

not to forgoet that we love rpgs in the west as oblvion/mass effect will state the problem is that we like our next gn rpgs to actually look like next gen games not out dated engines supped up ,ill say it again japan devs inc square inix making ds and psp their main format tells us thier still finding it hard to deal with anyhting next gen

PS360WII3934d ago

it's not that they are having trouble with next gen it's that they are spending too much money on the much touted next gen graphics so they make all the money from handhelds so they can continue on with the next gen graphics.

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PS360WII3934d ago

Well if Square Enix wants to have a big push in the West then need to make something other than the RPG's they are know for. Unfortunately the West isn't to into RPG's (no idea why ><). Also the 360 is a pretty fearsome force in the West and they don't want to develop for it.

I guess we'll see a lot of handheld titles from them seeing the handhelds are selling the best everywhere and they don't have to be a fps to sell well.

P4KY B3934d ago

It just that in the west we like our heroes to look tough. Maybe have a scar or two and look like they could wrestle a mountain lion while at the same time having it off with the local barmaid.

Small 15 year old boys with blue hair that look like girls just ain't part of western culture.

lonestarmt3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

yeah I love Jrpgs and I think they are fine the way they are, but if they want to get western audience. They need to "Bad Ass" there characters. Most Americans are impatient and they want instant enjoyment. They want hero on steroids and who is a womanizer. Seems like the only FF characters liked was cloud (because he has a big ass sword), tifa ( because she has big ass boobs), and sephiroth ( Very long ass sword). Make it fast, make it short, make it over sexualized, o it helps if he uses a gun. lol. Seems like americans ( not me) like their heros bold with a gotee and some tattoos. OR you can just give him a helmet, never see his face or even talk in the first game then "die" in the third game.

liquidsnake3934d ago

Europeans are into RPG, but the americans don't seem to like it. Btw isn't Level 5 allready bought by Sony? I mean don't they own x% of the company? And I thought Sony owned like 18% of Square. But that was maybe before Squaresoft + Enix.

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