Sephiroth: Why We Love Gaming’s Most Notorious Badass

Egotastic writes: Final Fantasy VII’s primary antagonist has a special place amongst the pantheon of video game villains. He’s perhaps the most popular character from the series, and with such a demented cast (cat riding a giant sentient stuffed toy, anyone? Anthropomorphic rat-woman in a rather fetching coat with a spear?) as this, that’s a dear diary accomplishment indeed. Let’s take a closer look at the appeal of this seminal swordsman.

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kagon012528d ago

He is overrated, Kefka is way better or Luca Blight from Suikoden II now those are true villains...

Sephiroth pfft... he was just a doll for Jenova.

Fylus2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

So agreed. Kefka is such a badass. A freaky badass, but a badass nonetheless.

RedDead2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Haha I find it hilarious the way people rip on Seph when they don't even understand the story.

Sephiroth was controlling Jenova. He was more powerful. Why do you think you kill Jenova before facing the last boss Sephiroth? I can understand why people seem to think Seph was a puppet. It's because they don't pay attention to the story. Or just forget parts of it. Speh is the true villain in FF7 right from the get go. Jenova and all the other minions are just vessel's for him to travel around and acquire the black materia

And yeah I agree Kefka is a better villain, but please, Seph wasn't **** or a mama's boy like everyone calls him(he was just a mama's boy for like 10 minutes in the game, Nibelheim on fire part)

HarryMasonHerpderp2528d ago

I would say Shinra were the true villians
in FFVII,sephiroth just went a lil crazy lol.

Baka-akaB2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

I dont have issues with Sephiroth . I just find some other villains far better and more epic . Most of all , they had total control over their destiny , unlike Sephiroth , mamma's boy or not .

Lucas Blight as mentioned above set his world ablaze , just because , and out of sheer madness .

He fought three different parties of six heroes that ambushed him with their armies and yet he still had the upper hand. I

In the end of this epic battle, Luca Blight was backed up against a tree, fatigued, but still ready to fight. Then a swarm of arrows flew from some coward hidden archers, which finally put an end to his fight and life.

Even beyond the grave he messed things up immensely ... with then Jowy left behind as , his step brother to rules his kingdom and armies , as an dangerous foe .. but most of all with the Rune Beast that Lucas summoned still around .

MetalGearMetroid2528d ago

Kingdom Hearts

Platinum Cup

Name a harder boss, I dare you.

Baka-akaB2528d ago

He's not that special .Quite Hard , but not top ten worthy imo .

You got stuff like Proto Babil i FF4 , Neo shinryu (FF5), Freiya in Star ocean (and most hidden star ocean bosses) , Sekundes (Tales of Destiny II) , Shin megami Tensei Nocturne's Lucifer , Shin megami Tensei Digital devil saga's Demifiend , and more i've forgotten

MetalGearMetroid2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Some of those are turn based games. You could just read a guide and do them perfectly. Except star ocean and I would say that's a million times easier.

You need real time reflexes and quick thinking for KH.

Also a couple years ago he was voted hardest boss in all gaming by gamefaqs, just saying.

Edit was thinking of different star ocean, I didn't play the one you mentioned.

TheLyonKing2528d ago

I beat him on level 99 haha I suck so bad though there was like no decent reward for it.
Oddly enough I can't seem to beat him on kh2 maybe it's a sign I am getting old haha.

FaSCoRP2528d ago

Sephirot it is not so badass, I really don´t care about him.

TheLyonKing2528d ago

I never really connected with kefka and sephiroth as bad guys, yes they were great villians but even though seifer in ff8 wasn't truly bad I understood his motives and at the time really thought he was my rival :)

I really think it was a testimonie to SquareSoft's writing team.

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