Elder Scrolls Exploits Removed

It can now be confirmed that the latest update for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion fixes several gold and duplicate item exploits.

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Skullreaver5834d ago

I know that cheating is something frowned upon by many gamers, but why take out things that can enhance gameplay by helping people to get what they need a little bit faster! Money enhancements are always good to have, at least its not invulnerability. This really should'nt be an issue to be changed. I beleive they need to work on the crashing issues not the things that help you out!

speed5833d ago

I truly love item duplication and use it to crank out many of the lovely poisons I create. Its also a great way to dup expensive items for selling!

shotty5833d ago

why take away duplication cheats. Some people like it, it saves a bunch of time not waiting to buy lockpicks

speed5833d ago

To me the moral implications of cheating only come into play if I'm going against other humans, not against the cpu!