This laptop deal offers a powerful gaming experience for a lower cost, and it comes with a free laptop stand. The Acer 2024 Predator Helios Neo gaming laptop has had its price nerfed on Amazon, so you’re getting good value for money on this recently launched model. It’s ideal if you’re in the market for the best Acer gaming laptops, with its RTX 40-series GPU and 13th gen Intel processor.

acer 2024 Predator Helios Neo Gaming Laptop
16″ WQXGA 165Hz Display, Intel Core i7 13700HX(16 cores), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, 32GB DDR5, 1TB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 11 Home with Laptop Stand

This Acer Predator Helios Neo gaming laptop received a 12% discount on Amazon, so it’s now up for grabs at a price of $1,299.99 instead of $1,477.01. This frees up $177.02 in savings.

Next, we’ll be examining the key specs of this Acer gaming laptop so keep reading to see if it piques your interest.

What does this Acer gaming laptop deal offer you?

  • Intel Processor: You get an Intel Core i7 13700HX CPU which has a turbo boost of up to 5GHz thanks to Intel’s Turbo Boost technology. It also offers 55MB of L3 cache, and exceptional performance with its 16 cores and 24 threads.
  • Nvidia Graphics: Gamers and creators will appreciate the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU included with this laptop, which runs off Nvidia’s powerful Ada Lovelace architecture.
  • Display: The 16-inch IPS display features a rapid 165Hz refresh rate and sharp 1440p resolution, so you’re in for some crisp yet fluid visuals.
  • Memory and Storage: The Predator Helios Neo has a hefty 32GB of DDR5 RAM allowing it to effortlessly multitask through intensive workloads, and a 1TB SSD to store your game library and load games quickly.
  • Cooling: This powerful gaming laptop stays cool via its 5th gen AeroBlade 3d metal fan, vector heat pipes, and the liquid metal thermal grease cooling the CPU.

Here’s why we rate this gaming laptop deal on Amazon

You’re getting bang for your buck with this Acer gaming laptop after its price dropped by around $177 on Amazon. It offers strong features that are perfect for anyone in the market for a midrange gaming laptop. The RTX 4060 graphics card offers solid performance in combination with Intel’s Core i7 13700HX processor. The display is decent too, with a 165Hz refresh rate and crisp 1440p resolution. There’s more than enough memory, with the 32GB of DDR5 RAM delivering beastly multitasking performance. And you won’t be waiting around for games to load thanks to the 1TB SSD. Also, the cooling system is highly efficient, preventing temperatures from soaring during heavy gaming sessions.