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User Review : XBox 360 hardware

  • Graphics. Oh, the Graphics
  • Noise. This Machine Is Noisy

A Late Comer To The Xbox 360. He traded in his Wii but wanted a PS3. Is Happy With His Purchase ??

Yes, I did want a PS3 and I still do. To say the least I was a big Playstation fanboy. I got an Xbox and I didnt even play it.I gave it to my brothers and let them enjoy Halo. So to say the least, I was less than impressed when the Xbox 360 came out. How blind I was. Enter Gears Of War. This game changed me from being a rabid Playstation Fanboy to a gamer who just really wants to enjoy games. The whole system is leaps and bounds better than the first Xbox. Everything about the 360 screams gaming.

I love the new controllers, although I cant help but think they copied the Playstation controllers a bit too much. That being said Sony did copy the trigger buttons from Xbox. But the transition to the 360 controllers was easy. They feel natural in your hands. The analogue sticks though are miles ahead of the Playstation. When playing shooters they feel much more responsive and are much more accurate.

Graphics are unbelievable. Gears blew me away when I played it, still does today. The textures and colors in the games are unbelievable. Do things appear shiny ?? Yes. So what ?? Does the shiny appearance make things slightly prettier on screen ?? Yes. I like it. It might just be me but I think that the shiny graphics are across the board with almost all games. The clarity on 360 games is awesome. They get a perfect score in the graphics department for me.

Now I do have gripes with the system. It is very noisy. It sounds like a PS2 running a CD game. And that was noisy. D-Pad is just as bad as the first Xbox, which made fighting games terrible. Xbox Live, wonderful. Live Price, not so wonderful. With broadband prices already through the roof in NZ I cant afford to pay an extra NZ$80 per year.

So what made me get a 360 ?? Gears and Price. And to put it into perspective for other people around the world an Arcade Xbox still costs NZ$399, Pro costs NZ$549 and the Playstion 3 costs NZ$799. I still want a PS3, but I wont be trading in my Xbox 360 to get it. Do I regret my purchase ?? No. It is a system to be reckoned with. Microsoft have done a fantastic Job in putting together the 360.

Depends On The Game. But So Far Its Been Awesome
Cannot Be faulted. Impressive
The Sound Is Good But The PS3 Trumped It. No Gripes With The Sound, But Could Be Better.
Fun Factor
Its Been A Blast Since I Got It
Would Be A 10 If It Had Web Browser And Cheaper, If Not Free, Online
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ape0074597d ago

controller is great

live is great

graphics are good


I got rrod,e74 twice

360 imo 7.5 out of 10 mainly due to errors,these damn errors just GET ON MY NERVES!!


controller is great

graphics are unbelievable(did you see mgs4 or killzone 2)

psn is great

blu-ray ftw

incredible reliability,mine is quit and works everyday like it's new

ps3 10 out of 10

I love both systems

WengYong4597d ago

But yes I am new to Next Gen Gaming. And No I havent played MGS 4 yet. Yet being the operative word. Im a HUGE MGS fan and I have played all of the Solid Series. I know the controller and all those features are great, but I dont have one. When I purchase a PS3 I'll be sure to write a review about it too.

I havent suffered from RROD yet, but its early days yet. Please pray it doesnt RROD on me !!!!!!!!

But yes in a sense, Im not a fanboy of either system, and I would much rather enjoy both systems for what they have

ape0074597d ago

I appreciate that wengyong

I hope you enjoy the 360 and it's amazing online gaming and excellent selection of games

and I hope you get a ps3 soon and enjoy every second of mgs 4 and the exclusive ps3 games,yes mgs 4 is that good,you'll be fully blown away

and it's good to hear that you haven't got rrod,at that case,yes 360 deserve 9 out of 10 or even more

n4g,here we stand,NO TO FANBOYISM

thank you mr.wengyong

and bubbles for being honest :)

sonarus4596d ago

Not sure if we are allowed to review hardware. But whatever i guess. I too just got a 360. I have Halo 3, gears and madden 09. Wasn't really impressed by any of the graphics so far.

I love the console though, only complaint i have about the controller is the thumbsticks are too hard and it hurts my thumbs after i play for a while. Also the LB and RB buttons are soooo weird to push lol i don't know why. Its just not comfortable to push at all.

I love xbox live paid for the whole yr so i can put that out of my mind, don't really care for much of the arcade games except for maybe a ninja turtles and contra.

Console is great but the loud noise from the disc spinning is ridiculous.

I don't think hardware reviews should be allowed though as it attracts fanboys

RAF-TECH4596d ago


The 360 is a gaming machine that will keep you into gaming.
the PS3 collects dust and makes you try and look for things just to justify it.

The XBL online community is far better than PSN.

MGS4 was only played once. I never played it again (it's basically a movie). Yes the graphics are nice, But it doesnt capture the same feel as playing Gears of War.

sonarus4596d ago

lol it all depends on the type of games you like to play. I played gears for about an hr and haven't touched it since. That whole run seek cover and shoot is just boring to me now and just so been there done that. Halo 3 was like 10x better and i am not even a halo fan

You really only NEED one gaming machine so at the end of the day which ever console you prefer is where you will buy your multiplatforms on. So the other console is bound to collect dust...unless offcourse you are a true gamer who is willing to treat both consoles fairly by spreading out your purchases like i am.

As for comparing MGS4 to gears of war, its a pity you only played it once i played MGS4 like 5 times straight, still one of the best games i have played/watched :D

Kleptic4596d ago


360 fans can be a funny claim its 'a game machine only' in response to constant articles on how poorly made the thing is...but then you also try to deny it's build quality in a discussion related to the hardware of the 360...

face it...the 360 is the most ghetto console, hardware wise, ever created in the history of the industry...its the equivalent of an E-Machine PC for $200 bucks at Circuit City (of which I don't even think are around anymore)...there is no arguing that in any favorable way...It uses overly priced proprietary peripherals...and its built like a steaming pile (even now, you still read about brand new 360's purchased with Rock Band 2 popping just hours after being turned on)...that is not a criticism directed at owners of the system, so don't take it that way...that is something that immediately gives away someone's fanboyism...if you get offended when someone says the 360 is built like shat, then you are obviously taking this hobby a little too seriously...

that doesn't mean that it lacks some great games well as a great online feature set...just the title of this review makes it seem to be related to something other than its games...

ThatCanadianGuy4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

That's strange RAF since i too have both consoles.

And the PS3 get's all my love
while my 360 literally sits on the floor collecting dust.
I can't even remember the last time i turned it on.

Stop acting like your personal opinion is FACT.

Edit:Also just a quick look at your bio reveals that you won't even show either of you're gamertags.And you expect people to believe you?

bigman73874595d ago

I don't disagree with anything in particular in the review, just the fact that you reviewed items that really are arbitrary to each game. I thought that the review was going to be on the new motherboards resistance to the RRoD or something along those lines. I would just change it to something along the lines of "Xbox 360 Life"

WengYong4595d ago

My apologies, But I dont know anything about those sorta things, so I comment on things I know and think about. Hoonestly I havent heard of a 60 gig RROD yet, but hey we'll find out.

Sorry if it wasnt to your liking

Spike474592d ago

you were honest and unbiased about your review, however I think you should buy a Ps3 before comparing the two. I mean it's an xbox360 review not a "Ps3 vs, xbox360" thing.

xhairs94591d ago

I didn't realize that Sony copied the 360 with its triggers...was there even an xbox around during the PSO days?

WengYong4591d ago

I was referring to the PS3 triggers, and yes they did copy them. Sorry if I didnt make it clear for you.

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