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User Review : WWE 13

  • Attitude Era Mode
  • Better Graphics
  • Bigger Roster
  • Camera Angle Glitches
  • Impact glitches
  • some announcing and commentary problems

wwe 13 - good features such as attitude era mode, but is that enough for a good review

WWE 13 is the next-gen game after WWE 12 made it into the stores late last year.

Unlike most other WWE games that focused on current WWE superstars, this game mainly focused on the time when Austin 3:16 was kicking asses left right and centre, yes that's right the Attitude Era.
The controls are similar to WWE 12 with the X button to use grapple moves, square button for strikes and the circle button for Irish whips. The reversing system is back with a small change now allowing for more realistic reversals and it is not so easy to reverse against a hard opponent, which is good for the fans who were sick of non-stop reversals in the previous games. Some great new additions were added to this franchise such as OMG moments and Mid air finishers to name a few.

OMG moments are a great new additions to the game allowing the players to interact with objects, not just in the ring, but all around the arena. Some examples are breaking through the barricade and superplexing to the outside of the ring. As mid Air finishers is something players had wanted to do for a long time and now you can re-create the RKO in mid air or a code breaker from a diving attack.

The graphics are much better from WWE 12 and the Figures are now looking alot more realistic and smooth. And David Otunga now has a oil covered you know its realistic.

Players who had played the previous SVR will be happy to know that you can now get on top of the announce tables and smash your opponent through the table, something that was missing in WWE 12. Predator engine is back with a overhaul and some new features, although not great it still adds to the reality of the game. WWE Universe mode 3.0 is here and is pretty much the same, with some added features, although not very big.

Some new features include creating or editing a belt, in which you can edit the base, and colours of that base. The announcer names in create a superstar have alot more and you can now make a belt called the NXT championship :)

Instead of Road to Wrestlemania WWE 13 now has Attitude Era mode in which you play certain parts of the attitude Era that had massive effects on WWE's Overtake of WCW, including DX, Austin 3:16 the rock and much more!!.
Although WWE Live was instituted into WWE 13, it does sound alot better with the crows reacting to big moves in the ring, although the crowd still does not sound as fluent as it should and has some glitches where there is no sound what so ever. The commentary has has a overhaul with much much better commentary from WWE 12, although it still has that same old stale Michael Cole comments that have nothing to do with what's going on in the ring. The ring announcer will sometimes not announce the participant approaching the ring....REALLY?!

The online is not as glitchy as WWE 12 but still has alot of work to do in terms of finding a game. took me 30 minutes before i got one!!

So Overall WWE 13 is a much better game than last years WWE 12...

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Sephris2257d ago

I'm not much of a wrestling fan, but you've made me excited about this one. I love it when the programmers think outside the box and offer something new to their audience. I can't wait to see the OMG moments in person.

Thanks for the great review! You have my approve on it. :)