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User Review : Warhawk

  • Infinte fun{Etremely Balanced (even after DLC){4 player split screen online
  • Lag every so often{Sorting through matches{Leveling up takes FOREVER


There's no single player campaign; however, if you enjoy online games, then there should no questions about whether you should buy Warhawk. Warhawk is the most fun I've had on an online game EVER.

Warhawk puts you in a full out battle with jets, 4x4's, tanks, turrets, jetpacks, drop ships and more in an effort to kill as many people as possible while trying to stay alive. There are multiple modes in Warhawk consisting of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Zones, Collection, and Hero. Deathmatch is your standard kill everyone. Team Deathmatch is you standard kill everyone on the other team. Capture the Flag is pretty much the same, but things finally get interesting in the final 3 mode.

Zones has you and your team flying out to different neutral bases, and capturing them for the team. As in many other modes this allows you to spawn at these different base; however, in zone mode this is your main method of scoring and winning the round for you team, because the more bases you capture the more point our team earns, and once the boundaries of captured bases being to touch you will being to earn more score point and more spawn points meaning more vehicles to fight with.

Collection mode and Hero mode aren't listed in the manual so I'll do my best to describe them. Collection mode has you go around the map collection orbs from specific locations. Once you collect an orb you must travel back to your base in order to score a point. However, you can risk going out to collect more than one orb in order to score what I believe is up to 10 points, but if you are killed you lose all your orbs meaning another teammate can take your hard earned points or even worse the opposing player(s) or team.

Hero mode basically selects one person to be the target of the entire opposing team. This person gains more resistance than the average player, along with all the weapons, and must stay alive for the duration of their time as Hero. The object of this mode is to kill whoever is the Hero to score a point for your team.

Warhawk is a complete blast. You can choose from a large variety of weapons for your solider or jet to take down your enemies, and play matches with up to 32 players and 2-4 player split screen during those matches. And with the DLC and dedicated following for this game you're guaranteed to keep coming back for more.

There's a slight learning curve. Going through the practice mode will help a lot, but just playing through a couple of matches will help you get the hang of it. Once you do you'll fall in love.
Not the best looking game, but it holds up well. It works for an online only game, with tons of explosions and special effects going on.
Music cues are great motivators especially when you're winning. All weapons sound different.
Fun Factor
One of the most addictive games even after being released nearly 2 years ago.
Simply Great. There's a deep following for this game, and there's ALWAYS multiple matches going on.
creamydingle5206d ago (Edited 5206d ago )

Ive been playing this game from day 1 so it about 2 years old and it still amazes me when i fire it up how many people are still playing it so if you are new to the game dont worry there is always plenty of people to play against. Warhawk really is a fantastic online game personally i just play capture the flag. I love to get the flag in a jeep then yell over the mike I NEED AIR SUPPORT lol then having a couple of warhawks tail me back to base awesome. Nice review.

Doppy5205d ago

Thanks it's one of my favorite PS3 games.

Doppy5204d ago

Just so you know the Warhawk DLC all 3 of them are on sale for $9.99 now.

SlyGuy5204d ago

9.5 in my book. Most fun game I have played this gen.

LittleDozer5203d ago

Extremely fun game, but it has a junk load of glitches which can get really annoying.

creamydingle5202d ago

I have no glitches what are these junk load of glitches you talk about?

ALL_STAR_285203d ago (Edited 5203d ago )

i used to hate warhawk.... started playing again this year and totally love it...

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