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User Review : Valkyria Chronicles DLC

The story of the Azure Flame

Valkyria Chronicles: Behind her blue flame (DLC) Review

No. of players: 1
Genre: Strategy Turn-based/Real-time RPG
(Vexx’s) Classification: Lol Im a Valkyria here me ROAR
Recommended VC Experience: Advanced

“Death to the Gallians!”

This is the first DLC I downloaded to my favorite console strategy game of all time.

This DLC explains how the Imperials took Ghirlindio and Explains some of Selvaria Bless’ backstory through the eyes of Joahan an engineer assigned under Selvaria’s command.


Pros well first and for most you get to control Selvaria not Valkyria form of course you can’t be that powerful. Not that it matters though. If Selvaria actually manages to die you need more practice in VC. The missions themselves are cool for what you do. Its 2 distinct battles taking over Ghirlindio and driving out the stragelers outside of it.
The challenge in the DLC is not keeping Selvaria alive or Joahan for that matter its managing all the units that will be coming at you especially the first mission. Also its only 5 bucks.


Well the cons…there really isn’t one unless you arent ready it can be brutal but with a little practice and some trial and error you can beat them.


For a DLC you get to Control Selvaria Bless, experience the other side, get some back story, 2 more operations potentially 3 if you beat the first missions in a distinct way, and when you beat it you get Selvaria’s Ruhm --That godlike weapon she carries-- in the main game to all your shock troopers which will come in handy for those tough skirmishes, EX Hard mode or if you just wanna be hilarious and go through the main game on normal again. All of it for only 5 dollars if you bought DLC before this is better than most.

Fun Factor
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BillOreilly3711d ago

Hey thanks didnt know they had dlc for this.

Leafhopper3711d ago

It is pretty good for 5 bucks.