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South Park at its finest

The potty mouth 4th graders, Cartman, Kyle, Stan & Kenny are back. Matt Stone and Trey Parker bring us another adventure in the video game world rather than on the small screen. Does the new installment in this franchise hold up as well of the first one? Let us find out.

South Park the fracture but whole picks up right where the first one left off. You are still playing the middle age’s game for about five minutes, during this time it will give you a quick over view of the new combat system. At the end of those five minutes, you run in to Cartman, who has switched games to superheroes. Once the game switches over, you start at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to your popularity. You will then have the story of the game explained to you; you are looking for missing cats in
South Park in order for a reward so you can fund your super hero franchise. There is two sides of the super heroes, the coon and friends & the freedom pals who are in a civil war. In the story line, they are making fun of the marvel cinematic universe. As you progress through the story you find out there is more to it than just finding the cats for a reward there is a darker side to it than just what meets the eye.

The Game Play in South Park is just about the same as the first installment but a little bit more in depth, especially when it comes to the combat. This time you move along a certain amount of spaces along a grid to reach your target. Each move you do has a different range of attack, which adds a nice variety to the combat. Don’t worry about going in alone it never happens. On your side you can have up to three different sidekicks like The Coon, Captain Diabetes, The Human Kite, Mosquito and much more. Each of them offering their unique abilities to help you on your journey throughout South Park. A few of the new additions to the game play is crafting, you can build costumes, consumables and more. Throughout your adventure, you will pick up artifacts, which gives you more strength for your attacks it is highly recommended especially towards the end of the game when you need a might of 500 for some missions otherwise you will have a difficult time completing these missions. South Park is a mix of open world; turn base combat, RPG game. When you are travelling through the world you will run in to characters who will assign side missions to you this will help you get new artifacts and level up.

South Park the Fractured But whole is a proper and wonderful sequel, keeping the humor of the show, adding more to the combat and exploration. I loved by 18 hours of game play I completed the story was able to complete all the side missions except for two of them and get all the collectibles & I hope a third one comes out this is one title you don’t want to miss this year.

Score: 9/10

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