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Until Dawn is a third person action/thriller that revolves around player choice that impacts story progression. The genre is interactive movie or story and it gives preference to the story over unlimited character freedom like a Grand Theft Auto.

The game presents you to 8 high school friends that embark on a cabin in the woods weekend experience in order to forget the tragedy that led to the death of two of their friends the year before on the same location. The premise is a prelude to danger just like in the movies where similar things are done. The greatness of the game is how it develops everything else. It is as entertaining and immersive as a movie while going further than a movie ever could by putting your judgment in the center stage.

This game is for all those that enjoy a good story, a high degree of character interaction, and a thrilling/scary atmosphere throughout. The game takes you through some unexpected twists. It has a high degree of replay value as choices will decide what story sequences or character development you get. The gameplay surrounding the choices you make revolve around selecting what to do often from among two choices and quick timer event correct button presses that appear during critical moments where the fate of the protagonists is at stake.

The game is a blast from beginning to end and has a tense atmosphere throughout that manages to create one of the most immerse experiences I have ever had. Biases aside it is hard not to grow attached to these characters and the desire to save them all.

The gameplay matches the story perfectly and is adecuate for the kind of tense atmosphere that it puts forth. Even so, one has enough freedom to explore, look for collectibles, and even decide not to make choices in some cases. The choices that you make or don't make are the highlight of the gameplay in any case.

Incredible graphics that are very realistic. Environments and textures are also tight and these enhance the thrilling experience.
Excellent, from theme song to the masterful use of sounds and melodies to make you jump. Voice work is excellent and hollywood quality.
Consists mainly of making choices or the avoidance of making choices that impact character survival and story sequences but also includes third person movement. There are many collectibles to find throughout the game which encourages exploration of areas.
Fun Factor
Scares and unraveling the story and mysteries. Learning more and witnessing character interactions. Exploration can be rewarding specially in tense and dangerous looking areas.
No online. But it is not needed. Nor typical of the genre.
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KiwiViper851195d ago

10 across the board? Come on...

xHeavYx1192d ago

Yeah, because no one else gave this game a perfect score... Oh wait...

PoopsMcGee1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Online shouldn't be scored since there is no online component. There should be an option for "Not Applicable", or some such thing.

Otherwise, great review! Can't wait to play it and rate it for myself...

DigitalRaptor1190d ago

Have you played it?

I suspect you have not.

NukaCola1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I want to add that the collectables system is perfect. Something that The Order should of had. The break up of clues are cataloged perfectly. The butterfly effect notations are phenomenal in retelling your story and the totem page is brilliant. Pretty much this title has one of the best and most organized system for its collection of findable content. Only thing I would have changed, is use L2 to walk fast and L1 for the menu, as with R1 I press that often instead of R2 when wanting to shoot so in the heat of a QTE, I hit the damn menu page. This game has fast moments where I panic and I love it lol!

miyamoto1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Okay, okay. This game is a 9.99.

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DragonDDark1190d ago

Keep up the good work dude.

Valenka1188d ago

No offense, but I find this review to be terribly lacking overall, nevermind for a game that received a 10/10. Nothing about this review justifies that score.

I don't mean to insult anyone, but who the hell approved this?

Ravenor1187d ago

"Voice work is excellent and hollywood quality." Really?

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