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User Review : Unreal Tournament III

  • Its Unreal!{Sixaxis Controls works so well{Mods, Mods, Mods!
  • Online Support is so PC.{Mic Support sucks nuts.{No Party Lobbies!

From the amazing gamplay to the support of Mods, you would be stupid if you didn't pick this gem.

All that I can say is that this game is Unreal. From the familiar theme song to the consistently fast game play that the series is known for, Unreal Tournament 3 that builds on its legacy as one of the best FSP that has graced this console in quite some time.

From the Gears of War caliber visuals to the very first console game that has ever allowed true user created content, UT3 is a title that Sony needed this past holiday to convince consumers that their piano black suited Blu-Ray player can play some games. For being a port of a PC title, UT3 for the PS3 is a title that is a needed addition to the line up of piss poor ports the plagues the mediocre PLAYSTATION 3 line up.

There are many strong points to this game but there is one major weak point, the single player campaign. For fuck sake Tetris had a better campaign. UT3's campaign is basically just an ongoing training bot matches that get you to know all the maps and the new gametype called Warfare. Essentially Warfare is an combination of Assault and Onslaught and formerly known as Conquest. Now with that being the only weak point to the game, let me talk about the major strong point which is obviously the multiplayer.

Multiplayer is the bread and butter of this game. With over 38 maps on disc to boot and 6 gametypes, there is plenty of content to play offline with some of the best bots in the business or online. When you take your skills online, you will be greeted with a list of servers to choose. This server lobby crap is so last gen and it still sucks. What does a bitch have to do to get a Party system going. With or without the party system, the gameplay is fast and almost lag free. Aside from the typical versus modes, you can also go through the training missions..... I mean the campaign online as well with up to 3 additional players, if only you could hear them. Mic support just plain old suck donkey balls. Shit like this mic support makes me want to play this on 360 when its available. Never the less the experience is nice but it will always make you go back to the traditional multiplayer.

There is one subject that is synonymous to the multiplayer world of Unreal, and its that little 4 letter word. Not its not Frag, its MODS. With the open nature of the Playstation Network, true user generated content has been possible. With more than 80 DLC mods available for the game at the time of this review, a potential player of UT3 that recently purchased the Heroic Map Pack for Halo 3 might feel a bit violated right now seeing that they paid $10 for three maps. That is not to say that Epic won't release official Map packs for some coin. With the fact that there are so many mods available doesn't mean that they are all good. Some maps available either suck or are well made, but all still free to download and criticize.

All and all this is one exceptional game that also make use of the Unreal Engine 3 middleware that was optimized by Epic specifically for this title. With the addition for full support of user generated mods one can't go wrong with what has to be one of the greatest FPS franchises of all time. Get the game, go online and become GODLIKE.

Its Unreal! What else do I need to say?
Unreal Engine 3 and the Playstation 3 haven't has a good track record working together prior to this release but Epic made sure that wasn't the case.
You can only hear the phrase "Ownage!" so much before you actually lose it.
Fun Factor
10.9 because 11 isn't available.
Poor mic support. Server list lobbies are so last gen.
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Kleptic3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

I agree that the lobby system in UT3 is somewhat rushed...however I think that a lobby system of this type is the only thing that would work for this game...

with a game like UT3...having the potential for hundreds of mods and additional maps/content...and thousands of people online at any one time...a lobby system is almost a need to be able to sift through available servers based on ping, gametype, etc. in order to find what you want to get yourself into...

twitch shooters are not nearly as "match-based" as other console shooters...where in CoD 4 sitting around in a matchmaking process is acceptable, and sticking through the entire match is almost always done...UT3 is all about jump into the middle of a deathmatch in a race to 500 frags...only to score 30, and then jump out...almost no one stays through a single deathmatch for the entire time...its just a game to kill as many as possible, and then move on to start the process over...

ideally though I agree...some sort of matchmaking AND a lobby system would be perfect...something like Resistance comes to mind...but UT3 would be entirely different, in a bad way imo, if you were stuck with matchmaking only...having no idea what other gametypes and maps are open at any one time...

overall great review...I would give the game a 9.0 overall, but can't necessarily disagree with any points you made in the scoring...