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User Review : Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

  • Voice Acting
  • Soundtrack
  • Platforming works
  • Shooting doesn't feel right
  • Story is nothing special
  • Lame ending is lame.


In a Nutshell review.
Normally I go in-depth with my reviews but I decided to do things a bit different this time. Since the game has been out for quite sometime I thought I just do a quick review instead.


I purchased the Dual Pack and got my Handheld telescope ready to chart some uncharted territory. With Uncharted 3 around the corner I figured it would be beneficial to replay through the series and brush up on some knowledge.
Playstation 3's top franchise started in 2007 when Naughty Dog gave birth to a little game which we now know as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

During your journey through various environments you control a witty young man who is not afraid to crack some jokes and make light of a situation, Nathan Drake. Drake is a treasure hunter guessed it, hunts treasure. Drake seeks out a valuable statue called El Durado. While on your quest for riches you are accompanied by Victor Sullivan-also not afraid to joke around and Elena Fisher- Host of her TV show and searching for her next big story.

Unfortunately for Drake, "Sully" -as he calls him- has some baggage and owes somebody a lot of money. He then goes and tells that somebody, Gaberial Roman(who would become the main antagonist of the game), that he has a way out of his debt. Things end up getting sticky and now there is a race to see who can get the statue first. The Story from here on out becomes pretty predictable.
Towards the end it tries to sell off a lousy plot twist in an effort to pick up steam. The ending was a little strange and not very good. It left me scratching my head but not from confusion. It just didn't work and felt cheesy.


During Drake's quest to find El Dorado you will encounter a lot of enemies but the combat can be a hit or miss due to it's quirky shooting mechanics which left me frustrated at time. You are given this odd, circular reticule that makes precision shots difficult and you are also positioned weirdly when you aim. It's not traditionally over the shoulder but rather "over the arm" which has thrown me off numerous time. Dodging, throwing grenades and using cover felt a little bit clunky at times as well.
The platforming part of the game fits in nicely as you'll spend some of your time trying to figure out an alternate route to get to your goal. You can jump from surface to surface or scale cliffs and walls. There are also puzzles to solve. Some are nicely designed, others not so much. Most of the puzzles are rather easy to solve.


Speaking of design, the levels are structured well and look beautiful too. Some areas seem massive as they seamlessly intertwine giving the level multiple layers to explore. Environments looks great. To the rich and vibrant colors of the jungle to a more dark, damp and gloomy tone of a cemetery. The game has great textures as well as you can see some pretty cool detail on objects and surfaces as they sort of pop out. Chipped paint, rusty pipes, ruggedness of the wall, clothing getting wet as you are sprayed by a near by waterfall and on and on.
The character models, at first glance, had a plastic look to it and the ocean surrounding you during the first scenes, looked off (Not sure how else to describe it). Facial expressions and animations were kinda stiff but seemed to get better as the game went on.

Voice acting is done very well as the actors nail the many tones that are displayed throughout the game whether it be Sarcastic, Humor or Serious. The game will give you a couple good laughs with it's clever dialog and character personalities.
Soundtrack is good as it nails the expedition theme. Also has some cool action tracks that kind sounds like a 70's action film with a modern twist. Sound effects are ok as the guns sound weak but at least have variety.

Lasting Effect:

Uncharted has it's flaws in the gameplay department but does everything else well. Graphically it still looks good with its gorgeous, colorful, environments and textures that stand out. Mix in a great soundtrack to give you that exploration vibe that ties up everything nicely.

I'm not sure what I thought of Uncharted when I first played through it but as I go through it for a second, it's a pretty good game that gives you an entertaining 7-8 hours of gaming. If you do have a PS3 and never played Uncharted, I recommend it because it gets better with the 2nd installment.

For a 4 year old game, still looks good. Great textural details and colorful environments.
Nails the expedition theme that Uncharted gives off.
Hit or Miss. Platforming works well but the shooting mechanics could be better.
Fun Factor
*Story* Started out good but ends up losing steam towards the end.
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coolbeans2625d ago

Solid review imo, and perfect timing with 3 around the corner.

Gray-Fox-Type02623d ago

the second one was when it all started Uncharted 2 was a amazing game, while Uncharted 1 was just a average game nothing special but good story and characters.

coolbeans2623d ago

I'll agree on the good characters part :P. I think it was an above-average game for its time with some endearing, if expected, characters.

Ezio20482624d ago

in other words, just accept that you hate PS3!!!!

LightofDarkness2624d ago

I agree pretty much, although I found the first game to be more memorable than the second. The second threw a lot of frenetic stuff at you in the middle but it's all a blur, I couldn't recall much of what actually happened during the period after the first act until just before the final act. And I didn't feel like replaying it either.

I thought the first game had more "charm", and a more enjoyable narrative, although the second had much better/tighter gameplay. I hope the third gets both right, because if it does, that's GOTY in the bag.

pr0digyZA2624d ago

Wow thats weird I had the total opposite experience to you. I remember some of the first game but remember everything of the second one, infact it is one of the few games I have ever finished three times. The first game for me had very repetitive gunplay, that made me sigh every time bad guys popped in. And even though the second game had a lot of gunplay, it was still broken up by great cinematic scenes and always made me look forward to what was next.

JaredH2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I agree. For the first game I got all of the medals and then I got them all again after the trophy patch came out. I played through the first game 3 or 4 times while I played through Uncharted 2 twice.

Captain Qwark 92623d ago

i too am with you, the first was better but both were great/ my problem with the second is that it told practically the same story with diff characters and a diff setting.

CynicalVision2624d ago

'Lame ending is lame.'

This is why I never take reviews seriously.

bwazy2624d ago

I dono....I actually Platinumed UC1 because it was FUN, not because I felt the need to....

10/10 for me.

GunofthePatriots2624d ago

I'm actually 1 trophy away from platting it myself (Beat game on crushing). Not sure I understand the comment but I added a pun to the title and called it "FUN"charted. An 8/10 is a solid score.

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