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User Review : Uncharted 4: A Thieves End

  • Beautiful graphics and spectacular set pieces
  • A blast to play from start to finish
  • Online Multiplayer is addictive

    Brilliant adventure!

    Uncharted 4: A Thieves' End is the 4th installment in the loved saga, you control Nathan Drake once again, at the beginning we find that he's settled down, he's living a 'normal' life, happily married to Elena, and doing a normal boring job. Soon he finds himself in a situation where he has to let go of the normal life he started with Elena, and secretly pursue some criminals in order to help his brother with some debt.

    The story is once again full of mysteries, twists and surprises and it takes the player around the globe, you'll be traveling through lush and stunning places, like (one of my favorite parts) driving a jeep in Madagascar, the beautiful Nathan's signature jungles and you'll even visit the white sands and crystal blue waters Caribbean style, to name a few. The visuals once again are vividly beautiful, very detailed and animations are sublime, there is so much detail in Nathan's movements and gestures, and the environments, these little details make the game more impressive to watch and play.

    There are a lot of weapons to have fun with, vehicles to drive, and it never ever gets boring, there's always a surprise behind every corner that keeps the player on edge. There are some truly spectacular blockbuster set pieces where you'll literally have to lift your jaw from the floor when you experience them.

    The audio is top notch too, voice actors are simply brilliant, the acting and dialogue is of the highest quality you'll find in a game, the soundtrack is great too, with Uncharted trademark sounds and tunes.

    There is not much to say anymore, I won't spoil things, the game is, I think the longest one in the series, there's so much to enjoy here and I haven't even mentioned the online multiplayer and coop missions. It's a game that has the whole package, if you have never played Uncharted before you must own this masterpiece, actually you have to play the entire series too, it's a series that continues to evolve and each iteration is better than it's predecessor. Do yourself a favor and go get Uncharted 4 now.

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