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User Review : Uncharted 3

  • Incredible Story
  • Awesome Set pieces and Gameplay
  • Addictive multiplayer- co op is a must
  • Some difficulty spikes in the single player
  • Lack of Team Deathmatch cut scenes

"Naughty Dog has done it again"

Naughty Dog has done it again.

When Uncharted 2: Among Thieves came out it was met with huge amounts of critical acclaim to a point where no one believed Naughty Dog could out do themselves.

But I'm more than happy to say that Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is a better game than Among Thieves and is a strong contender for game of the year.

If you are familiar with the Uncharted franchise you know that the games have a great reputation when it comes to set piece moments. Opposed to Uncharted 2 whom featured set pieces of destruction due to man made explosions and other vehicular mayhem, Uncharted 3 has a keen sense on the use of the elements. Water, fire, sand all move beautifully and actually affect how the game is played.The story is incredible, but to avoid spoilers I will not delve into it as it is an experience that must be played.

Some people may think that with such a keen sense on story and graphics some may believe the gameplay may suffer, but in fact the gameplay is with out a doubt some of the best I have ever played.

Uncharted 3 is a perfect blend of shooting, puzzles and platforming. It controls wonderfully however it lacks the pick up and play nature of other games. If you are used to games like Call of Duty get ready to be punching the air like a fool for a while, but once you get a hang of the controls you will love it.

My one gripe with the gameplay is the difficulty spike near the end. Drake will have to face multiple foes all at once and will have to compensate for the verticality of the levels and the cinematic moments occuring at the same time. This can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating as Drake may fall over and over, until you figure out the best way to deal with the enemies and progress.

Uncharted 3 also features a multiplayer suite filled to the bevy with perks and other rewards. IT IS AN ACQUIRED TASTE HOWEVER as some gamers may love it, while others put it down for some other games like Call of Duty.

However, I loved the multiplayer suite as the great gunplay returns in multiplayer has a great emphasis on cinematic. The cinematic multiplayer really makes Uncharted 3 unique.The stand out being the London Underground map as it has both teams jumping from one train to another forcing players to compensate for the trains movements.

Although if you want to play Uncharted for the story, I would hold of until you complete the single player as some maps contain spoilers for the single player campaign.

However some fans from the summer beta may be disappointed that the cut scenes that began and ended Team Deathmatches are no longer present in the final product. For me I found they kind of gave me a reason as to why I'm shooting other people in the face, but it is a small gripe. However the real meat of the multiplayer is the co-op adventure game type. Think of it as a remixed version of both the Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 campaigns as both feature remixed levels from both respective games. Uncharted fans are in for a treat as the co op adventure actually feels like a co op campaign as it follows through out as Drake tries to uncover the secrets of a mysterious tablet. Seriously this mode is a real treat for uncharted fans and is a must play.


In conclusion Uncharted 3: Drakes deception is one of the best games this year if not the best I have played this year. If you own a ps3, you owe it to yourself to pick it up

Uncharted 3 is without a doubt the best looking console game of this generation. Sand, Fire and Water all move brilliantly
Amazing acting and musical score. I might go as far as saying some of these tunes may be as memorable as classics like The legend of Zelda and Metal Gear Solid
The gameplay of Uncharted 3 is great. Sure their are some difficulty spikes near the end and the controls are an acquired taste, but you will get the hang of it eventually
Fun Factor
You are in for a fun ride regardless if your in it for the story or multiplayer
Cinematic and wonderful. Sure dropped games and lags are present sometime, but the Co op adventure is a must play
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I agree with the difficulty spikes in SP. There were about 5-10 sections in the game where I was about to rip my hair out since you are up against 5+ normal enemies, 2 armored shotgun guys, and 1 invincible machine gunner. At points like this the enemies are basically on 100% auto aim on your head unless you drop it down below normal difficulty.

Aside from this the game was great in my opinion. It could have been a tad bit longer since I finished in about 8 hours on normal(and a few sections on easy).


It would have been nice to have a scene when they escape the castle in the bus(could have added a few freaked out passengers to add to it). And although I think the ending chapters were nice I was dying to see what was inside of the container they were bringing up.

One final thing... Didn't it seem like the same ending? Uncharted 2 ended in a secret semi underground hidden city. Both had cut-scenes near a fountain where someone got shot, followed by boss fights, and then ending in running out of a collapsing city. Don't get me wrong I though these scenes were great, but it felt like the same ending in a different setting to me.

Jio3605d ago

Totally agree. In every uncharted game they had some epic thing released, while this one had the water i still really wanted to see what would happen if that thing was opened. The thing I hate though is how little explaining they do. If the water is the main curse, what do the spiders have to do with anything? And who are the men that are chasing you? Throughout the game they never explain how Talbot survived the gunshot or who they really are.

MrBubble3602d ago

Ya how did he survive and what was with the zombie guy in the chatue

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