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User Review : Uncharted 3: Drake Deception

  • graphics
  • epic single player
  • fun, fast paced multiplayer
  • sometimes the controls don't respond well
  • predictable

An Amazing Game Ruined by all the Publicity

The first Uncharted was a rough gem. It had potential and Naughty Dog made use of the potential with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 2 is still one of the best games of this generation, it was amazing, you truly never knew what was going to happen next. Part of this was because we knew little of the game, just a couple trailers and all they showed were some of the beginning scenes. This is where Naughty Dog went wrong with Uncharted 3.

While Uncharted 3 has amazing moments and set pieces that easily dwarf those in Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog revealed them all. Every time there was a new trailer or gameplay video for Uncharted 3, we knew more and more about the game. Watching this I thought, "wow, if they're showing us this, that must mean they've got more amazing things in store that we haven't seen!" Sadly this was not the case, all the great set pieces were ruined by the trailers. Naughty Dog showed off a little too much of Uncharted 3, and because of this all the great moments in the game were spoiled.

Part of this was my fault, if I didn't want my experience to be spoiled, I shouldn't have watched those videos, and I understand this. Still, the trailers could have been a little bit less revealing. Ignoring that, Uncharted 3 is still an amazing treasure of a game. Uncharted 3 is the most series game of the series by far, trading the fun adventure tone of the original in favor of a more serious high-stakes game. The game has some serious moments that reveal more of Drake's character, some of these moments are downright depressing. Especially near the end where the game really gets dark and serious.

The game's graphics are just phenomenal. Easily one of the best looking games, if not THE best looking console game this generation. You can see every wrinkle on the characters faces, the texture on the sand, the cracks on the worn down bricks, it's the small details like this that make this game a true graphical powerhouse. I'm amazed my old 60gb PS3 didn't overheat on the town scenes. You see towns full of people, each individual person doing something different and reacting to every move. This is truly a triple A game. I can't leave out the attention the animators put on the characters movement either. It's truly amazing watching Drake stumble and fall realistically. There are some effects that are so amazing, I won't tell you about them to spoil the surprise.

On the single player story, like I said, almost the entire thing was revealed through the trailers. Still, the game is truly more amazing than Uncharted 2 with it's set pieces. The ship sinking scene we saw in the trailer is amazing played in HD, you feel like you're in an Indiana Jones movie throughout the whole game. The campaign took me about 7 hours to complete and was an absolute roller coaster. Sending you from one part of the world to another after some fabled treasure that will, again, lead you somewhere else in the world.

The story is one of the weakest portions of the game. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either. Problem here is with the explanations. There are almost none, most of the time you have to imagine why something happens or why a certain character does what they do. Marlowe is who I'm talking about. While she's a good villain and much better than the villain from the last Uncharted game, they don't explain why she's evil. Neither is her second in command, Talbot. He is just a good a villain as Marlowe, but still. We don't know who they work for, why they are where they are, who's ordering them, and so on. This isn't a big deal though, it just bothers me that Naughty Dog puts attention to detail everywhere else but the villains.

Finally, we get to the multiplayer. You should know what to expect by now, most of us have been playing it for months now. The final version is more or less the same with some minor tweaks. Old glitches and problems from the beta's are now fixed so you don't have to worry about it. The damage has now been fixed so it no longer takes an entire clip to kill a person. It feels very fun and fast paced though I still prefer Uncharted 2 multiplayer for it's uniqueness.

The entire experience of Uncharted 3 is truly something amazing, if there's an Uncharted 4 I can't wait to see how they top off this game. Uncharted 3 has amazing sequences including some that luckily weren't shown in the trailers, otherwise they would've been spoiled. If you love the Uncharted 3 series, you will no doubt fall in love all over again with Uncharted 3. Besides for some very minor control issues, the experience is very polished and epic.

There's nothing to say except for "WOW." This game is truly beautiful, everything almost looks pre-rendered.
Sound is incredible, it feels just like a movie theater experience. The music is memorable and the action is loud and intense.
Amazing but occasionally tedious. It's annoying when you die multiple times and have to clear out rooms of enemies.
Fun Factor
Classic fun Uncharted gameplay.
Fun and fast paced, though it lacks the polish of the single player. It's not as good as the Uncharted 2 multiplayer though. It tries too hard to be like modern games with loadouts, because of this it loses it's originality. Nonetheless it's still fun and hectic.
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49erguy2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I'm also one of those people who thinks U2's MP was better (thought I was alone). I'm so sick of hipfiring noobs! Still, the MP can be very fun. If ND scrapped the overpowered hip firing and took the damage back down to U2 it would be PERFECT. I'm still not thrilled about the addition of sprint since everyone just sprints and rolls ass soon as you shoot at them.

With that said, a good clean MP match is pure gaming bliss. Waiting till Friday night to play the SP. COLLEGE SUX

Tachyon_Nova2542d ago

Surely the biggest problem is that people have way too much health. I understand the desire to make sure the game isnt just a twitch shooter, but as it is like you say when you start shooting someone they just roll away.

FAGOL2542d ago

Tottally agree with this review.

Potential SPOILERS!!! ahead.

Especially the point about how too much was revealed. Alot of cool stuff was revealed before the game even came out. I ended up being a bit bored with the first part with Chloe and the other guy. And it wasn't because the gameplay was boring, it was because I kind of knew what was coming in those chapters

But all that changed from when you meet up with Elena again :)

I'd also like to add how IGN posted every freakin chapter on their youtube channel. I didn't watch any but I just can't figure out why they would post the whole game before it's released. It must of ruined the experience even more for some people.

Anyway i'm starting my Crushing playthrough. My god the last chapters are going to be hard.

MsclMexican2542d ago

When Uncharted 3 was announced, I only watched a few trailers until I decided to go on a media black out. I suggest for all to do the same for future uncharted games, it keeps the experience rich and unexpected.

This is my current nominee for game of the year

hennessey862541d ago

game ive played this year and the graphics are sublime

TopDudeMan2541d ago

The only thing I can fault it on is the shooting. You cannot move your reticule diagonally at all in the single player. Possibly something they're gonna fix.

fragnificent2540d ago

they are releasing a patch for that soon

TopDudeMan2540d ago

Yeah, glad they are. Temporarily stopped playing the single player because of it. It's so frustrating.

Bathyj2539d ago

Yeah, my only problem I had with the game is I saw too much of it.

I kept thinking, wow, this is so amazing, but imagine how incredible it would have been if I'd not known about the ship, or the plane.




Playing young Drake and meeting Sully was a nice surprise though, as well as the convoy and actually seeing the lost city. I said Holy Sh*t, and then Drake said it right after me.

Dont worry there are plenty of wow moments, and I felt genuine laughter and sorry through the game.

Enjoyed the combat much more than Batman, its way more realistic, and I had no problems with shooting either. I think people just complain when a game doesnt have autosnap CoD aiming on it.

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