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User Review : Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Graphics - Wow!{Sound is just some of the best out there{A rollercoaster ride without the long lines.
  • Glossy eyes and some low res texture later on{Aimless A.I. in some levels.{Cover elements that weren't coded correctly

The best just got better.

In 2007, Uncharted:Drakes fortune was released on the PS3. At that time the PS3 was starving for games as the Multi-platform games were better performing on the 360 and PS3 exclusives left a lot to be desired depending on preference. Needless to say Naughty Dog gave all PS3 users a game that could become the reason to own a PS3, much like Halo or Gears for the 360. The level of graphical quality and span of the game was a great testimony to what can be done in a game with a little know how, and that testimony still speaks volumes today as the game still holds up great against more recent releases even against it own follow-up in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

So how would Naughty Dog top themselves in making a follow-up to a game that was so good? They took everything from the first and made it great. Everything in the sequel is expanded and in greater detail to the first.

The story takes place after the original and starts off with our hero shot in the stomach and in a train. Out of nowhere a train seat falls towards our hero and that's when we found out the train is off its rails and dangling from a cliff. At this point drake must navigate to the top of the cliff but the train is a death trap which is very unstable, the whole time my heart is beating fast as I'm always thinking my next jump can cause the death of our hero. I make it, only to see that I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with a blown up train in front of me. I navigate towards the train in order to find out where I am, but little to my knowledge there are people looking for Drake in order to finish what they have apparently started. After defeating them I come across a dagger and Drake passes out.


The first half of game is played as a huge flashback leading up to the events which lead to Drake hanging in a train off the edge of a cliff.
Most levels played are very similar in objective as the first game but the span of level exploration is far greater then those of the first. Almost everything in the game can be used to explore the level, from street lights to signs, rooftop to rooftop there are tons of way to explore levels in U2. Playing the first game is not a requirement since there is only one portion of the game where one has to know why that current revelation is relevant to the current progression of the story. Other then that most characters speak for themselves and one can gather the basic characteristic from the cast even if they are returning from the first game. This game was a blast from beginning to end, playing it on the hard difficulty took me about 10 hours and I was always waiting for a boring section so that I could take a break from the game, but that boring section never came much to the dismay of my bladder and colon, yes I could've simply paused the game but I didn't want to. This game was a blast from beginning to end and thank goodness that Naughty Dog put a boss battle to end the game which has now either become a lost art or a very passive one depending on who has made the game. This is truly an experience worth experiencing. If you thought the first was a reason to buy a PS3 the second is a reason to buy a PS3 for your friends and family so that they can experience this game as well. The Story, Graphics, Controls, animation and gameplay are all revamped and made to offer a greater experience then that of the first and it succeeded in bunches, bottom line buy this game now.


Wow! to put it simply this game looks better then anything out there in the market today. Even the much touted Killzone 2 must bow down to the this game. The colors and details are just great. There are a few things that detract from the graphics. Such as the eyes of some of the supporting cast have a strange gloss to them which seems odd since most emotion is displayed through the eyes this takes some of the human element of the characters. Also since the game is so detailed the scalable portions of some walls tend to blend in to well leaving the player wondering around until one figures out exactly where to go.


Aiming has been tweaked since the first game for the better making gunplay better for the second. Also jumping from wall to wall has been fixed as drake will not aim to something that is not there, so empty jumps to death which occurred often in U1 will not occur in U2. But there are certain times in the game that the AI will just wonder aimlessly even if you have let it be known where your position is.
Also the cover system has been revamp to provide a greater variety of cover, but unfortunately with some textures that would provide excellent cover have no code implemented to trigger these textures to use them as such.


Great you'll hear enemies plans to try to corner you and speak foul of you as they get closer to your position. Guns and explosions all sound great a surround sound system is a must to really experience this game.


This game is not perfect, there are a few small things throughout the game that keep it from being so, the glossy eyes on some characters and aimless AI on some levels. down to some low res textures that appear on some of the later levels and also "Cover" that is not really cover since a trigger was not coded into those textures for such use. None of these things kept from making the game great but the game is not perfect and therefore I cannot give even this great game a perfect score. But don't miss it. Missing this game would be like never playing the original Mario Bros if your old enough to remember that far back.

9.8 out of 10.

Better then the first in so many ways and also very newbie friendly. The lack of some cover elements make some segments a little more difficult then they need to be.
Great all the way around. Just glossy eyes and low res texture later on hamper the ride to perfection.
Make sure you have great speakers to experience the awesomeness.
Fun Factor
Once done with the great SP there is still Coop-op and MP to keep you busy and make your investment go further.
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Abnor_Mal1306d ago

Currently playing Drakes Fortune on crushing, next will be to replay Among Thieves, but I'm sure it still holds up today.

P_Bomb1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Recently re-platinumed 1-3. Uncharted 2 aged better than I even expected. I enjoyed it more now than I did a decade ago. It’s more polished than 1, tighter than 3 and Yemen in 3 was gorgeous. Shambhala out-prettied Ubar though. 60fps w higher res’ made for a damn good rerun.

Abnor_Mal1305d ago

Question: When you say Uncharted2 aged better than expected, are you talking about the original PS3 game or the remastered collection on PS4. I ask because I think that a remastered version of the game would look and play better than the original.

I doubt that the original ran at 60 frames, how many years old is the remastered collection anyway.

I need to replay the original trilogy along with the collection, not a fan of the collection trophy of beating levels in a set time and don't think the originals required that for platinum.

P_Bomb1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

It’s true that the remasters have upped the resolution and given it 60fps, but the base game is the same. The art design and base textures/physics/ animations are the same yet still look contemporary. More-so than UC1 which isn’t as tight, or UC3 in some cases which I found a bit clunky in close quarters.

UC2 level design was a great evolution in bringing the verticality from the jungle into rural/urban settings while maintaining smooth animation transitions. Drake still moves better than the ginger in Star Wars Jedi. Outdoor areas are better lit.

UC2 also has more action and better pacing imo, which helps when replaying a game 10 years later. Kept me engaged.

You don’t need to time trial for platinum. They stuck the speedrun trophies in a seperate extended dlc category so have no fear.

MadLad1306d ago

I thought the originals were good, but not great. I understand that puts me in the minority here. That said, Uncharted 4 was freaking fantastic.

Profchaos1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Yeah I understand the hate for 4 prior to playing it I was firmly against it and felt like 3 wrapped things up already but now after playing it I think it was the best in the franchise.

Now I look back at two and I feel like I'm playing an on the rails shooter everything is so tightly scripted including the infamous train scene you simply can't make a mistake

Rimeskeem1306d ago

I think Uncharted 2 is a lot like AC2. Both games took the idea and basically improved it in every single way.

Movefasta19931305d ago

Uc2, AC2,Halo2, Soul calibur 2, Killzone 2, Infamous 2 , Dishonored 2 and a few more. The only negative thing I have against uc2, and imo it annoyed me,are the blue apes, uncharted 1 handled the super natural far better.


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Imalwaysright1341d ago

My favorite is the building collapsing on Uncharted 2.

goldwyncq1341d ago

The entire final chapter of The Lost Legacy is the best setpiece in the series and it wasn't even mentioned.