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User Review : Twisted Metal

  • Great Online Multiplayer
  • Entertaining Gameplay
  • Poor Storylines
  • Short Single Player

Twisted Metal Review

We finally get a Twisted Metal game for our PS3's and man was it worth the wait!If you've never played a Twisted Metal game before the basic concept of the game is you are put into an arena of destruction where you use your vehicle armed to the teeth with rockets,machine guns,napalm,gatling guns for starters and your objective is to destroy all the other vehicles that are trying to destroy you.A simple concept but it works just perfectly.

There is a simple story to the game.Calypso returns offering contestants a single wish for winning his competition.The story mode focuses on three different characters each with their own gang and wish they would like granted.Unlike the last games each character has access to every vehicle and you aren't forced to use Sweet Tooths ice cream truck for example if you are doing his particular story.Each character plays through a series of contests of increasing difficulty and at the end of each story you are faced with a challenging boss to deal with.The story is acted out in live action cut scenes which sometime feel a bit weird and are filled with holes.Twisted Metal has very weak story lines but they aren't really important and isn't where you will get the most enjoyment out of this game.

Once you get behind the wheel of your vehicle of destruction you are soon going to realise what this game is all about......absolute mayhem but in a very very good way.Granted the control scheme can be a bit tricky to learn at first but once you figure it out you are in for one hell of a good time.There are all the old familiar game modes here like deathmatch and team deathmatch but there are other game modes like battle races that aren't completely focused on destroying other cars.Although if you feel like it destroying all the other cars in a race is one way of winning.While the story mode would only take maybe a couple of hours of dedicated play to complete depending on difficulty you are going to get a lot of time out of the multiplayer game modes be it online or with friends.

Each car that you can pick has diffferent attributes for example bikes can speed around the arenas but have very little armour while trucks have low speed but can plough their way through oppenents and take a lot of damage.How you decide to play is up to you.Each car also has its own special weapons like rat missiles,gurney bombs and Sweet Tooths ice cream truck can even transform into a flying transformer sort of robot!.Some of the faster vehicles armor however can suffer greatly in heated battles and you will find yourself destroyed time and time again making you start to avoid some of these cars.When all these cars are put together in an online match with their different styles the results are awesome and leads to some very addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.You earn experience for eveything you do online like kills and assists which you can use to unlock new vehicles,weapons and special bonuses which give you more ways of reigning destruction online

While there isn't really much things i can find wrong with this game other than the flawed story and the difficult learning curve there was one more thing that bugged me in the online portion of the game.From my experience you will nearly always need to join a game from a game room rather than just simply pick quick join.I nearly always got an error message when i picked quick join and couldnt get into a game.The game developers have promised a patch soon to rectify this problem though so its not all bad.

This game is great online and has some entertaining story battles for you to enjoy.Its also great for to get a couple of mates over and play split screen offline or online and will keep you well entertained.While it does slightly falter in some aspects like matchmaking and poor story telling this is an all around fantastic game and well worth getting in my opinion.Twisted Metal has returned gloriously in all its twisted madness to PS3.

The game looks pretty good.The environments are nicely presented and the vehicles look great too.
the soundtrack fits the type of game it is but the characters voice acting could have been better.
This game plays well after you adjust to the controls.All around great enjoyable gameplay
Fun Factor
This game is a lot of fun especially when you take it online
Very good online multiplayer here apart from slow lobbies which sometimes you will be waiting in for quite a while before being put into a game.
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soundslike2427d ago

People look at me funny when I say this is my favorite game this generation...

LiViNgLeGaCY2425d ago

I wouldn't. It may not be my favorite game of this gen, but it's definitely a fantastic game. I've loved every second of it so far.

CernaML2425d ago

People simply don't like to have fun in games anymore it seems.