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User Review : The War Z

    • Graphics - Horrid Textures and Jagged/Rough looking Models
    • Gameplay - Boring, Uninteresting and (For the most part) not fun in the slightest
    • Pay to Win Survival

    The War Z - Just a Shameless Rip-off or Something Worse?

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    The War Z was released in late 2012 for the PC and was developed by Hammerpoint Interactive and published by OP Productions. In early 2012, the mod Day Z hit the gaming public by storm and became one of the most popular games at the time; Well, mods at the time. The War Z was announced shortly after the rise in popularity of Day Z, claiming that the game had been in development for a couple of years. This is, in fact, a lie. The game had just been announced to leach off of the success of Day Z. When the game was released, in October of 2012, it was only in it's beta form. With the supposed development being years long, you would think the game would be finished or close to it. The game is no where near finished and is bursting with glitches. Let's take a step back for a moment and talk about the steam release and the false information that's been given.

    Upon release, the game had many accusations about false advertisement. The description page on Steam (Which the game was taken off of Steam literally two days after releasing) was bursting with misleading information about the game. (Link for the Steam page info - It said that the map was "100-400 Square kilometers which is a lie. The map is, from what I've researched, about 10 kilometers. Another thing is the quote that says there is no levels, level cap, and/or classes. This is also technically not true. There was (and still is) an experience counter AND a skill tree coming in later updates. The skill tree button is blacked out in the game when selecting a character but I still count that as a leveling system. Enough with the false information and lies about your product Hammerpoint.

    Let's take all of that, put it aside, and focus on what the game is like as on now. From here on out, the article will be sectioned out by story, gameplay, graphics/sound, reply value and my final thoughts.

    Story: There isn't really much of a story to be told. From what the website says, The War Z takes place five years after the outbreak. 95% of the world's population is dead/zombified and it's your job to simply survive. For a game like this or Day Z, this is about as much story as we're ever gonna get and I'm okay with that. There isn't much room to put a story in a online only survival game. I'll let the lack of a story not hinder the games score.

    Graphics/Sound: One word comes to mind when thinking of The War Z's graphics and sound; Appalling. The models are jagged and have sharp edges. The textures make the eye melting models even worse. The War Z's textures are some of the worst I've ever seen. The sound isn't as bad as it's graphical counterpart but don't think that's a compliment.Good sound is essential for getting your player into your game and The War Z fails here as well. Zombie sounds effects shouldn't be that hard to make sound good and they sound like shit here. All of the sound is underwhelming and lack impact. Also, there are random music ques every once in a while then cuts off abruptly. It's unneeded and ruins any little amount of atmosphere the game had going. To put this section to a rest, the graphics are abysmal and the sound is horrid.

    Gameplay: Time for the section I'm sure everyone wants to here about. The gameplay is, without a doubt in my mind, incredibly boring and joyless. Day Z has some of the same problems that The War Z has but Day Z is more entertaining for many reasons. One being that the map is actually huge. Unless you're in a maxed out server, you'll rarely see anyone. If you're in a 100 man server on The War Z, you'll see people all the time which is not how real survival would be. Another thing that makes Day Z more entertaining is that it is difficult; Well, to me it is. What I mean is that it's more difficult to find weapons and items in Day Z than The War Z. The War Z has easier items to find and also you can purchase items in the marketplace. Yes, I said purchase. You can buy items with real money or the in-game currency that you rarely find. When you can go to a marketplace and purchase food, weapons, ammo, etc., the main point of the game is completely dead.
    Most of the time, you'll be walking through the woods and trying to find things...or dying. You will die a lot in this game which isn't a problem. After a certain period of time you can get that same character back but without your items so it's pretty pointless to keep that character after death. It's easier to just delete that character and start over. The skill trees don't exist in the game yet therefor keeping the character is pointless. Oh, you can also purchase your character back instantly for some cash which is fucking ridiculous.
    The combat in The War Z is terrible. The weapons feel underwhelming and are not fun to use. The guns are alright I suppose but the melee weapons are horrendous. The flashlight takes a million hits to kill one single zombie. Let me make something clear, the game is not hard in any sort of way. One time, I was being chased by some zombies and I wanted to kill them for some loot. I turn around, hit one and started walking backward and continued to hit them when they got close enough. It took forever but I killed all of them with just one hit on me. On a final note, the combat's boring, the traveling is monotonous, and player interaction is death handed to you a silver platter.

    Replay Value: Replay value is limited/non-existent. Once you have played a character one, found some weapons, and messed around a little, you've done it all. I don't know how many times I have said this but it's boring. Boring. BORING. Tired of seeing that word yet?

    Final Verdict: This is the worst game of 2012 and one of the worst games I've ever played. This is up there with the kings of shit like Drake of the 99 Dragons. I've heard the community is dying out a little for The War Z which is a good thing. Hopefully, this revolting game is forgotten soon and the developers should be ashamed for making one of the worst games of all time.
    Final Score - 1.5/10

    Fun Factor
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    Don't disagree at all, but I'll just add that a 10km by 10km grid is 100 kilometres^2. So, if you walk from one end to another (in a straight line) it will amount to 10km.