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User Review : The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Windwaker Link returns

Windwaker Link is back in another adventure about petrified women, hourglasses and magical metal.

Well for a DS game it looks pretty good. I would have to say it is one of the better look DS games up there with advance wars for sure. Anyway you tap or swish (?) your stylus across the screen to swing your sword and at the same time you move this way also. This isn't a pure 3-d Zelda game so don't expect any lock on ability. Going around in your boat is fun and actually a good amount of monsters to fight. So as a Zelda game you really can't got wrong with this but, on the other hand it does have it share of problems.

Rolling, you know Link's rolling move right? well back in the old days that would be you A button or Jump attack button but as I stated above you attack with the touch screen. So the question remains how do you roll. Well you have to scratch *the game tells you tiny circles but it doesn't really matter* at the tiny edges of th screen now don't get me wrong its fine at first but when your in fierce battle and need a little boost it has the potential to fail. Now that wasn't the thing that stopped me from giving this a 9 oh no..Its for the fact that you have to go back to the same temple 6 times! Not only that it is timed! Yeah you heard me A TIMED dungeon that you have to go to SIX times. I mean yeah it the main story line and all and yes you eventually find shortcuts and stuff but really it makes Metroid Prime's backtracking sound like a joke.

Anyway if you can get passed the backtracking like I did then you will love this game. If you can't well your in for a rough one. Then again it is still Zelda.


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There is online for this game but its nothing special.
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HOSe3706d ago

ahhh this game.... takes me back

Leafhopper3705d ago

That whole draw the map on the bottom screen and mirror it on the top screen made me laugh hard though.

I did by accident to. I was so frustrated I took a break and closed the DS and said "Oh why am I giving up now?" opened it back up and was like "Whoa thats pretty cool."