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User Review : The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Wow, Just Wow...

Unbelievable. This game is outstanding in absolutely every category that I (as a reviewer) must analyze games by. It is a video game of the highest order because all of its elements converge to create a pseudo world that is remarkably captivating. What’s significant about this convergence of audio, graphics, and gameplay is that you are COMPLETELY IMMERSED in Zelda’s world. Why? Because everything is meticulously thought out. Each character and event plays a role in a storyline that sprawls like a J.R. Tolkien masterpiece. I couldn’t help but feel I was living the life of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings as I played my Golden copy of Ocarina of Time. Every time I turned on Zelda64 was like stepping into a living myth.
Those of you who’ve played the game already know the praise that I'm going to devote to this review. But why not listen to me so you can nod your head and enjoy the peak of the greatest console ever built. Don't worry, I'll be brief so that you can immediately run to the store and grab this game (or continue playing it)!
The first and most incredible graphical feature of Zelda 64 is the number of movies in the game. After playing Metal Gear Solid I felt like I was actually in an action flick. However, the sensation after beating Zelda was so much more. After beating Zelda I felt like Charleton Heston in the Ten Commandments or Ben Hur! It's like immersing yourself in an epic film (Gone with the Wind), not a movie. The game’s intricate storyline is propelled by an unprecedented amount of in-game cinematics. Once again, Miyamoto’s EAD crew has demonstrated to third and even first-party developers what the cartridge is capable of. Granted the cart is 32 meg in size but hey there is a load of audio, video, characters, environments, and effects at work in this puppy that makes CDs seem obsolete as a gaming medium.

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rockwhynot426d ago

Yeah it was great. I appreciated the fact Link actually grew up to have a masculine physique. Now he runs like a girl and is scrawny as hell 😖