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User Review : The Last Of Us

  • Great story
  • Gameplay
  • Smart AI

    Naughty Dog Goes Apocalyptic

    Knowing the world is filled with the infected, giving you world of horror. You know there's no choice, but to go through the hellish nightmare of the virus infection spreading, knowing it is either to kill or be killed.
    The game introduces you to many characters in the game as you continue on through the story and mainly starts with you being Joel and a young partner on the side, named Ellie. Throughout the game you'll greatly see how the two characters evolve and show more of their personalities as they go through a real apocalyptic nightmare.

    It has great simple button and crafting mechanics. You'll have to find small parts of an item to craft and greatly you don't need a lot to craft something. Either if it's for a med kit, a melee weapon, a shiv and much more items. Everything you scavenge is all really important and useful.
    There was never a time when I'll be playing and want to throw away what I find, because what you find will always be useful. The melee is just phenomenally done in such a simple way of doing it. Every time you hit the enemy, you just feel the great impact of the brutal hits you give them. It is done in a bloody, gory and most brutal way that just never gets old.

    There will be a lot of times when you can choose however you want to do, to get by the infected and the bandits you'll be dealing with. You can either sneak by quietly, stealth kill or if things go entirely wrong, you'll have to go all guns blazing. I also really liked how there are many variety of guns to use. My all time favorite is the bolt action rifle. It was just very fun to use with the brutal strong armor piercing and power it has.
    One good hit to the enemy's body and they'll just be drop dead. The many varieties you'll get is the shotgun, pistol, magnum, a rifle and many more that are well fitted for all kinds of situations you'll go through. Ammo is scarce, because of that, you'll have to plan out what to do and make sure each shot counts.

    Sure situations will get creepy with the infected around. The two main types you'll deal with are the runners and clickers. Runners are the infected who are able to see that will chase you and attack. You'll be entirely done if you alarm a huge group of runners as they'll go running towards you all at once.
    Clickers are the ones that have been infected for a quite long time and have been blind due to the spread of the infection throughout their body. They're a lot more aggressive and will use sight by hearing. You'll definitely be alarmed when they're around the area. The infected you don't want to bother fighting with. Situations will become tight, knowing they're all around you, trying to sneak by them.

    The CG is great, a lot of the times the game will be running with in game graphics when a short or quick events happen. The acting is well spot on with the characters and quick events, you'll realize that everyone is important to know about and never a forgetting character. You'll be coming across other people and will always make you wonder who they are and what's going to happen. Every person you'll encounter with is interesting to know about in the game.

    The AI can really get intimidating and smart, they can get really aggressive on hand to hand combat. They know when to take cover and sometimes will just be running at you and try to take you down. What I love about the game is how well the AI was for Ellie. It is just unbelievable how great of a help she actually is when you're getting your butt kicked by a group of guys trying to take you down.
    She'd go up behind the enemy and climb up to their back and start brutally stabbing the guy to death with her knife. It was such a good fun moment seeing her able to do that.
    Another one she'd do is distract the enemy by throwing a brick at them to keep them down and give you some time to take advantage. There are also times when I didn't have any items to craft a med kit and was desperately looking for a med kit around. Next thing you know she comes up to me and gives me a first aid kit. It'll just have you so grateful that she's with you all the time.

    Visuals were not much of a problem to me, seeing the characters talk in the game looked accurately good and didn't have any buggy glitchy problems at all. Of course there's no perfect game. I did spot buffering graphics and some pop ups due to it's resolution. Quick short events, squeezing through tight areas and ledges were always a good time seeing with no visual problems.

    The multiplayer is a great addition to the game when you think you're ready for a good challenge against other players. You'll get to customize your character with very limited options. With hats, pants, shirts, etc. You can also unlock more of the customization, weapons and perks they have for you by completing challenges. You'll also get to customize your guns and choose what abilities to have with that weapon.
    Not very much variety of modes they have for players, so it depends of what you're into.

    The Last of Us is a great time to take yourself in a apocalyptic world and brings you many varieties of choices and what to do. The game really shows the intensity of action play and horror to really have your mind hooked onto it. With phenomenal story telling and gameplay, this will really put you on the edge of your seat and leaving you always wanting for more.

    With so much to load and keeping things running, the last gen systems would not be able to perfectly execute it all well at a much bigger resolution. As it only runs 720p 30fps on the PS3. I did see a few graphical pop ups and buffering visuals.
    The soundtrack is phenomenal, fitting with the apocolyptic setting it has and intense moments that are just unforgettable.
    Very simple with plenty to do. Nice basic cover mechanic and button mashing moments. The gun and melee just never gets old.
    Fun Factor
    Being in a world of infected and people who opposes. You got no other choice, but to go through them and survive. One after another, you'd beg to have more melee and gun action.
    Great to pass time and have some fun and if you want something more of a challenge.
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    DragonDDark1228d ago

    Great review.
    This is the first time I've seen "smart AI" on the positive for this game.. lol

    Stringerbell1228d ago

    Ughh so many times in that game I thought I was silent as a mouse only to be discovered by those clickers. It was a good kind of frustration though =p

    DragonDDark1228d ago

    Especially on grounded mode! D:

    insomnium21215d ago

    If it's not the story or the acting itself in the single player I find the online to be the best part of this game. I seriously CANNOT put it down.

    I bought MGSV and played it for about 30 hours in between but then I almost accidentally watched a match of TLOU I had saved on my HDD and I simply had to play it again. It's been weeks now again and I've played nothing but TLOU online.

    Concertoine1226d ago

    The AI was bizarre. The molotov guys were the best to toy with.

    Sciurus_vulgaris1226d ago

    I didn't find the human ai to be good. The clicker AI was more consistent plus they each had different behaviors.