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User Review : The Last Of Us

  • Brilliant Storytelling
  • Graphically Amazing
  • Sense of Immersion
  • Multiplayer is a bit bland
  • Story is a little too short
  • Not much replay value

Watch out! Clickers!

The Last of Us is the only game i have ever played that has actually invoked emotion. I am not easily made emotional. Naughty Dog has used amazing story-telling and a near perfect story line to actually involve the player. I have never played a game so perfect in my entire gaming life. The best thing about The Last of Us is that it doesn't try to re-invent the whole zombie apocalypse thing. It just improves on it. "Don't fix what ain't broke".

One of the best things about TLOU is the environment. Now this may seem odd, but let me explain. As you step further into the empty ravaged city, the environment becomes more messy and abundant. Overgrown trees, whole roads covered in undergrowth, buildings taken over by the plants. It really adds to the whole zombie apocalypse/dilapidated city theme.

Combat is one of the best things in the game. It gives the user a choice. Stealth or Offense. The way the player plays TLOU is completely up to them. Of course certain scenes require one or the other but overall, the player is in control. Weapons range from Glass bottles right down to fully pimped out assault rifles. Objects such as bricks can be used as distractions; all this makes the player think tactfully and running in guns blazing almost never works

Multiplayer is the only thing that lets the game down. It lacks in fun factor and the time spent making the MP would better have been spent expanding the SP. The problem with multiplayer is that it is too stealth focused; you spend a lot of your time crouching behind cover waiting for an enemy to appear. The lack of a variety of guns in MP makes the game feel a bit limited.

There are some scenarios in the game *NO SPOILERS* that really do capture your heart and make you feel as if you are actually in the game.Playing TLOU is as if you are reading a story. It is involving, graphically intense, well-executed and a perfect representation of how Naughty Dog can make near perfect games.

TLOU is by far the best game i have ever played, and i have a feeling it always will be. Whatever Genre of Video games you like, TLOU is for everybody.

Superb Graphics combined with Immersive environments make for an excellent visual representation.
Every sound feels natural, from bottles falling and cracking right down to minigun fire
Story is 10, Multiplayer is too bland
Fun Factor
Will 100% keep you on the edge of your seat
Online lacks in replay value
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robtion1914d ago

Nice review. I agree it's an amazing game and one of the best out there. I would say the graphics are great for ps3 but are nothing too special technically speaking, great world and art design though. Immersion, storytelling, writing, characters, and gameplay all gel so well and are so strong.

The multiplayer is good, just pales when put next to the amazing single player campaign, which is actually very long for this type of game.

Ezz20131913d ago

the gfx is 10/10 to me
it's by far the best looking game on last gen consoles

i can't believe how good it look
but great review ,man

robtion1913d ago

Yep it's one of my favourite games but doesn't look much better than uncharted 2/3 in terms of textures, animations, etc. I think Naughty Dog has pushed the ps3 as far as it will go in terms of graphics. Can't wait to see their ps4 games.

nutcase131910d ago

Uncharted 4, hopefully my new best game! :)

Zizi1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

If I were you, I'd give this game a ten out of ten because it's so damned perfect!

And I think the replay value is pretty high. Just try Survivor Mode, and you'll what know what it means to be trapped in the apocalypse.

nutcase131913d ago

this game is pretty perfect, ill have to give survivor mode a try :)

DigitalRaptor1910d ago

Don't know about "short story".

I got 19 hours out of this on my first playthrough.

Ezz20131910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

22hours on Normal and 24+hours on Hard/Survival
it's far from short story
it was pretty long game

but strange that i didn't get trophy for hard/survival though

caseh1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Great game but one or two niggling issues for me.


People can psychoanalyse all they like in regards to Joel's reasons for being attached to Ellie and wanting to keep her alive or his behaviour, especially towards the final hours of the game. But the ending itself all boils down to one simple fact, sequel.

I thought it was a stand alone title but it was really 20 hours of character building in preparation for something bigger I feel.

robtion1908d ago

Yes and no. I think the game is left open for a sequel but I would also be more than happy for them to leave it as is with it's rather open ended ending.

Not that anyone asked but in relation to Joel's behaviour. As both a father and a psychologist I would say his actions are extreme but very consistent with his character. Given what happened with his daughter, and 20 years of living in a nightmarish reality, it is not surprising that he would do anything to protect the one person he has a connection to and cares about in the world. Ellie is Joel's surrogate daughter and Joel is a product of his environment and circumstances ;)

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