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User Review : The Last of Us: Left Behind

  • Varied gameplay.
  • Perfect balance.
  • Gives an enlightening new perspective on Ellie..
  • Short
  • Suffers from dramatic irony.

Friendship, fun, loss and survival.

The Last of Us is back and does what it does best. It is tense, emotional(If you don't mind dramatic irony) and poignant. This time the game explores the joys of life before the outbreak. And yes, cliche as it may be, it kind of makes you appreciate what you have got.

It utilizes dual story lines that flip back and forth between each other. This is great for pacing, things never get too action-oriented. Or at least, not for too long. This expansion also adds to the theme of the main game, surviving. By contrasting back and forth from life before a survivor, and life after becoming a survivor. Ellie somehow has not lost her glow, but becoming a survivor will change you. The game shows us this through many elements, character, pathetic fallacy and solitude, just to name a few.

I feel this DLC really deserves, with a few changes mind you, the attention it would have had as a standalone title. This is a really endearing dash of art that Naught Dog should be proud of and would do wonders for the industry if it was a standalone title.

The game-play is much more varied too. The way you interact with the game takes some surprising turns every now and then that I'm not going to spoil here. This is what really makes the DLC feel like it isn't just more of the same. Which some expansions suffer from. There are so many varied situations that work really well. Naughty Dog really took advantage of the opportunities presented by having a DLC expansion.

The graphics are truly effective and the game-play is as well balanced as ever. Naughty Dog somehow masters these two. You will likely find yourself in many moments, thinking you aren't going to make it. But through some clever work-rounds that the game forces you to think of, you will often manage to just make it.

Due to general solitude and different scenario's from the main game, you are likely not going to run into those jarring moments where the friendly AI walks right in front of a clicker and doesn't get spotted. This was so immersion-breaking in the main game and I cannot stress how much better the experience is without those moments.

While a substantial amount of the content in this expansion has already been alluded to or even completely told to us before, there are some surprises in there that might make you joyful. This expansion is, for the most part, far more light-hearted than the main game to say the least.

I do warn you, this is quite a small piece of game for £12. But an investment I felt was well worth it. And may just give me a slightly different perspective on the main game than I had before.

I apologize for structural issues in this admittedly terse review. It is, however, a first.

There is not much to say here. Naught Dog are masters of the hardware and the environment often reflects the mood very well.
The game utilizes music from the main game, but this isn't much of an issue. The new music that sometimes rears its head is a bit underwhelming by comparison, however.
Once again, Naughty Dog masters balance. Providing very tense moments as in the main game. But arguably goes one better by adding more variation and dropping those moments where the friendly AI is cringe-worthy to see.
Fun Factor
While I would not consider fun factor when reviewing the main game. This expansion deals a lot more with fun, and does so well.
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TomRL2747d ago

I'm still getting used to this reviewing lark. I mentioned its shortness in the bullet points at the end. But rest assured, this did not effect the score.

It is shorter than I previously thought, I tried to avoid being overly extensive. I didn't want it to turn into a full blown analysis.