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User Review : The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Vast exploration
  • Immense replay value
  • Overall completion length
  • Frequent bugs

Dragonborn is Born

It's almost impossible to begin to review this game considering one doesn't know where to start. Bethesda has returned with another amazing instalment in the successful Elder Scrolls franchise. In Skyrim, you take on the role of Dovahkiin (Norse for Dragonborn) who's aim is to learn about themselves and stop Alduin, a resurrected ancient dragon who's going around Skyrim resurrecting other deceased basilisks.

In classic Elder Scrolls fashion, the game revolves around completing the main quest along with an overflow of side and miscellaneous quests, sure to keep you occupied for months. Not only that, but the expansive map (not as big as Oblivion's Cyrodiil) will urge you to explore and delve into every catacomb, dungeon, and forgotten temple, in first and third person perspectives.

Bethesda has removed some of the lesser important skills that one can level up in and merged some others together. The main skills have made a natural return but are revamped and modernized to make your game even more enjoyable. Although it's impossible to maximize everything and purchase every perk (as you level up), it's hinted early on that it's best to select a character archetype and focus on the skills and perks that correspond, such as a Mage, Assassin, Rogue, Warrior, etc. or even a mixture of a few.

The gameplay in Skyrim is very reminiscent of that of Oblivion and Morrowind, its predecessors, which is excellent. Nothing drastic was changed, but very much was improved. Including the ability to sneak which is much better, and the fighting which has taken a turn for excellence. Incorporating the cinematic kills from their other franchise, Fallout, your kills make for even more satisfaction.

As always, the RPG elements are flawless but leave room for improvement. It would have been interesting to see more character on NPC interaction, but the NPC on NPC interactions make up for it.

There's not much negativity to shed light on in this game other than the frequent bug here and there that have a good chance of having an alternate work-around.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a video game not to be missed by the casual gamer, hardcore RPG enthusiast, or naturally, fans of the series.

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Blastoise3338d ago

This score is very very generous in my opinion. The fact that the game becomes almost unplayable on the ps3 version, dragons become tedious, the story is cliche and you realise the missions are all generally fetch quests would have me give it a 7 at best. Just my opinion of course

Bioshocking3337d ago

Dude... totally agree with you

A 9.5 is way too generous for this game

Blastoise3336d ago

Thanks, its nice to see someone who agree`s with my points on Skyrim for once. Its getting way too much praise for what it is