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User Review : The Conduit

  • Online face shooting.{Online face shooting with teams.{Full PC style controler set up.
  • There are no gimicks.{It may be too hardcore for the casual core. They do exsist{This ain't a tea party you will die online!

Why the conduit is the first step to quake live.

This game does not try to be any thing other than a shooter that is made for the Wii's motion controller to be unleashed online.

We all know the Wii could not compete graphics wise and the same should go for HD console when compared to pc games but most people only praise what they can afford. What I'm thinking is there are way more people out there with Wii's that would not mind some classic online FPS fighting.

The single player is there to show off some new tech here and there. Hopefully you played it for some target practices just like you did with quake 3 when it came out. Yes it has shader effects and even some models have true next gen full normal mapping. Yet HVS did not waste all their time pleasing graphic whores. This game is for the harden PC FSP fan that loves tweaking his system until he is head and shoulders above all comers.

Even with friend codes you are able to get your a$$ handed to you before the game is even released over seas. The fights are slow at first until you get into reaching distances as the enemy charges you. There is no gay cover system just all out skill and aiming along with seeking cover. If this game did have a cover system then the wall bouncing and grenade launcher like weapons would surely end your game rather quickly.

The levels don't get in the way either they are all made with different game play ideas being the theme. The polish on the controls are nintendo like and the graphics push beyond what nintendo has tried them selves. Retro had great concept artist but they don't have the balls of HVS for sure. The conduit is the first Wii game to get FSP right on the wii and any one not playing it isn't really a FPS fan because all of the gimmicks that make all the clones popular are gone and what is left is some thing that made even freeradical great.... FPS game play that is not dumbed down.

The key to this game is it lets every one play differently rather than making your last enemy online the same as all the others. The conduit is what is right about FPS and graphics/fluff are what is wrong about console FPS.

It is really too bad Epic can't even make a good game on the Wii. It is also too bad id can not either. They both rely on graphical gimmicks now rather than what made Doom, Quake, and even the first UT tourney good...

There is nothing like playing Crysis and the realism is so great that it is boring. All of those trees on the island and every one is hiding it is really a shame. In the conduit you can not hide!

I loved how the controller worker out for this game and there is always an argument over letting the gamer fix the controls to their liking and HVS proves that the hardcore want this. The hardcore love this stuff and online is actually more fun because of it.
The tech they are pushing is much much beyond what the retro guys have. Yet the designs are not as alien which is a great compromise because most FPS player don't really care about how the map looks. Metroid proves this and HVS prove we care about functional art rather than set pieces.
I'm really loving the sound work. The most important part is your lobby screen and it rocks. The rest is ambient so you can actually hear people walking on certain surfaces.
Fun Factor
I can say I will play this game online till the next system comes out. If we get a better game I think I will always come back to this one because it is different.
Almost better than mario kart online and that is saying a lot. The friend codes actually work because I don't like stalkers. The teams are made before each match and I have to say the game does a pretty good job at it as they put me against some of the best out there based on how I play.
AEtherbane5202d ago

I've been trying to see this. It's a shame most people don't understand the purpose behind the conduit, a straight up FPS at its core. I believe Eric Nofsinger said that about a bagillion times in interviews.
It's also a shame that most reviewers don't understand that a FPS doesn't have to revolutionize the genre to be good. halo didn't (albeit halo 1 did) Killzone 2 didn't metroid prime 3 didn't. the list goes on and one. why do those games get higher scores? I have no idea. other than strong wii hate. except it would be to obvious to attack MP3. well, whatever. Conduit is a great game.

SinnedNogara5201d ago

Glad you liked the game more than I did. I am very excited to see a sequel.

N4g_null5199d ago

mrnintendo96 Thanks and not I did not disagree with you but I have to ask do you like FPS.

We have a few types of online shooters.

Quake 3 which is almost the prefect FPS control wise.

Quake wars a really good tactical FPS

Bioshock and the HL/HL2 series the best story based FPS you can get.

Then we have the fluff categories....
Graphics whore will have crysis
console analog player will have golden eye and halo. I say this because I was a big golden eye player and when halo came our the controls where actually almost the same... and they still use almost the same set up. Even I will admit golden eye was fun but this game proves how good FPS on the Wii can be.

Then we have this game the proof that hardcore gamers are not really out there. They measure this game based on these that a casual audience would look for in a FPS. If you are a long time FPS player and you love the idea of using a wii mote almost like a PC mouse then this game is going to be eerier cool too you.

A good FPS game can almost be classified as a sport... the conduit fits this bill. On top of this you can play totally relaxed or up in the screen due to the range of step up. I've played some pretty rough gamer online in the above games and I have lots of great memories and even demos of me going up against them yet I never though a console game would give me a FPS cool sweat LOL.

I think I was the first person online when I got the game at 10:00 I got it as soon as the box came in the door so I would have to worry about getting a used game. The competition was pretty easy and my tweaks where clearly better than most. I mean I do design control set ups for a living. Yet after getting some work done at home I log back on to get my face handed to me LOL.

At the same time the conduit takes less skill to play yet more skill when you meet people that are really hardcore. The wii audience and console gamers period needed to get espoused to this. Any one can pick this up and it clearly ups the ante on how many more people will get skilled at this game.

I started out with a set up close to metroid yet had to fully upgrade it to my current set up and it is pretty deadly now.

SinnedNogara5199d ago

I am a fan of FPS games. I LOVE BioShock, Killzone 2, and Resistance. Metroid was very good also (albeit challenging).

You can read my review, when I complained how simple the multiplayer was, there were two things I didn't LOVE about the multiplayer. The size, when the other players online start to jump up and down frantically (when they twitch around the screen, you know what I'm talking about right), and the lack of complexity. I would have liked some customization in the game, like adding a different scope and stuff like that. However the multiplayer is still very fun. I just never got VERY ADDICTED to it, like the rest of you. :)

N4g_null5197d ago

mrnintendo96 I guess the difference is I see those games as more fluff. They all remind me oh how unreal tourney went wrong and when id went wrong.

I will admit I have not always like FPS and I will admit if it wasn't for online play maybe I still would not like them and possibly the games that you list would be the closes I would come to liking FPSs.

I really started with doom online and dukenukem online then quake 3 solidified all of that. Afterwards FPS went down hill and never really tried to capture a true FPS experience. There is a reason why no one plays UT3 or quake 4 because they forgot what FPS was about, why we liked the older games.

It's a little hard to explain but I'm sure you wouldn't want to see my break down of the games.


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