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User Review : Terminator Salvation

  • Exceptional Cover Mechanic
  • Atrocious AI{Way Too Linear{Forgettable Characters/Terrible Voice Acting


Going into this game i was not expecting much. It seems to be a good thing as i was not dissapointed as severely as i could have been.

When you first pop in Terminator Salvation, the game shows you a video of some of the gameplay you will encounter during the game. To be honest, it did look rather impressive to me. After starting the game on Medium difficulty i immediately noticed that the graphics are not very good at all. Everything looks bland and dead(which i guess is what the game is going for, being set in a post apocolyptic world). The character models are decent, but unfortinetly this is hampered by very poor animations. Here is an example of the animation problems; Whenever a character speaks the mouth moves kind of like a dubbed to english movie. The mouth moves once for an entire sentance, or sometimes not at all(although i did notice a significant improvement in this as i kept playing).

For sound, the only thing that is passable is the effects. The guns all sound pretty good, and the robots sound pretty cool as well. At one point i found a song that reminded me alot of Uncharted, and we all know that's a good thing. Aside from that one songs is.... oh ya ONE other song. The game either doesn't have music, or plays the one "battle" song. Another thing that really brings down the sound quality is the abismal voice acting. To me it sounds like people were recorded saying random sentances with little to no emotion(with exception of John Connor). These clips were thrown into the game and as a result it doesn't sound like the characters are talking to one another.

One big problem with this game is the AI. First off all the AI move in ridiculous way.One type of enemy zips all over the place making it hard to shoot, while another seems to move in a predetermind pattern. The worst thing about the AI is the intelligence. At one point i had moved around cover to a different location, and 20 seconds later the AI went back to shooting where i used to be. At the same time i observed another enemy shooting aimlessly at the ground. Your helpers AI does not fair much better. They serve only as decoys so you can get around and flank enemies. The AI rarely ever takes out an enemy on it's own, and at one point the progress of the game stopped as one of the characters was just standing there getting shot at. Everyone else had moved out of the room in retreat, and i was required to run back and stand next to her so she would move. I even experimented in shooting and entire clip into a characters face. After 200 rounds of twitching head movements, the characters replyed with: "Lets get moving". Overall the AI seems to have been put together in a matter of hours.

The storyline/characters are not very impressive. The game makes no attempt to bring you to like any of the characters, so if they die there is really no loss. During a battle the characters will randomly utter sentances like; "Why won't it stop?" or "NO! Wasps AH" or my personal favorite "Stay away from me"(like the robots going to listen) with little to no emotion.

The gameplay is very repetitive, the entire game is basically small battle, move along, small battle, move along, big battle, chapter over, repeat. The path is the most linear that i have ever seen in a game. You can't even back track to get ammo during a fight, a message will pop up on the screen telling you not to leave the fight. The weaponry is limited to the standard RPG, shotgun, machine gun formula. One possitive thing that i will say about this game is that the cover mechanic is very well excecuted. When behind cover you can easily move to another by simply pointing the analog in the direction of the cover you want to move to and pressing X. This will result in your character making a quick dash to new cover. I found the cover system to be imparitive to winning the many battles you face. A big drag with this game is that it is very short, (4-9 hours) and at the end you feel as though you have accomplished nothing. There is an option to play Co op, although i did not get to experience this myself, it couldn't really make that significant of a difference. There are no collectables, and no reason to play through the game again, unless you are a trophy whore.

Speaking of trophies, this brings me to my last point. The trophy system for this game makes ZERO sence. There are only 12 trophies in all, including the platinum. All of them are GOLD, yes that's right gold. You will receive your first 9 gold trophies for completing each chapter on ANY difficulty. This means that essentially, you can earn 9 gold trophies on easy difficulty in less than 5 hours.

To conclude, you can complete the story, skipping all cutscenes in probably less than 4 hours. If you watch everything it may take you 6- 8 hours. You should by no means do anything more but rent this game. Rent it beat it and return it, that is all it's good for, with the exception of some easy trophies of course.

Very repetitive, beat these guys, move along, repeat formula. Every small section requires a loading screen. This takes away some of the momentum of the gameplay. Moving from cover to cover is very easy and smooth though.
Bland environments, bland characters, and the worst water effects that i have witnessed in a decade.
Decent sounding weapons and machines. Repetitive soundtrack. Worse voice acting ever heard in a video game.
Fun Factor
I had fun blasting the annoying floating enemies with the shotgun. Figuring out ways to flank enemys was also fun.
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PS3Freak3497d ago

During more play i have found more problems with the game. These problems include: An entire firefight that was plaqued by a HUGE drop in framerate. One time when i died, the option to retry was not selectable. This being due to the screen from before i died being morphed together with the retry screen.

II Necroplasm II3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Hope it has plenty of nice tropies ;)