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User Review : Super Street Fighter IV

  • Excellent fighting system
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Fun online
  • System maybe to technical for some
  • Graphics can be annoying to some.

A great expansion on SF4.

SF4 was one of my favorite games of 2009. Bringing back many old faces and a few new ones. This year they added 2 more new faces and a lot more older faces including ones from 3rd strike!

The gameplay is just like last time 3d models on a 2-d plain fighting. They tweaked some of the characters attributes (Some character's moves are weaker some a stronger, faster etc, etc)and every character has 2 Ultras now. Some characters feel the same but every character is unique in their own way with a vast assortment of moves at their disposal. Survival mode may be gone from the last game but a more doable trial mode and Barrel buster and destroy the car modes have returned from the older games. The typical modes are still around as well like Arcade and Versus modes. What people may not like about SSF4 (As well as the old games but not as bad) is how precise you have to be to do some of the combos in the game. Literally learning frame by frame timing. It can be daunting to new comers. Where the game really shines now though is online. A much more improved netcode and lag only happens if you purposely pick someone with a red connection. There is also a an improved tournament mode compared to the last game.

The Soundtrack is awesome remixing all of the old songs themes. The stage songs are also very good. Each hit is also registered great.

The graphics are watercoler like the last game and are still styled the same way. The only problem with the graphics are some of the faces are off.

The game is pure fun with friends online or offline. The Trial mode is great for honing skills and other techniques.

Overall Super Street Fighter 4 is fun for the fighting game vet or new comer to the genre.


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