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User Review : Super Street Fighter IV

  • Great new characters
  • Better balance
  • Better balance
  • Some people may feel burned with the release so soon after SF4

Super enough for a new release?

For those who never read my review on the first Street Fighter 4 I would like to direct you there.

Now I will preface this review by stating I am a huge Street Fighter Fan. I always have been. The series has a long history in the gaming world, The competitive gaming world and in my own life. So is it worth it?

Heck yeah it is. A lot of people are annoyed with the fact that "It's only been a year" or "They should have made it DLC" While these both seem true try to think about it. The new game is only 40$. thats 20$ less then what most games are these days. If Capcom had decided to milk this they would have either. Released it at a full 60$ like a number of other games have done lately(I wont name names and be labeled a fanboy) for something that was planned to be DLC or they would have chopped it into bite size pieces and charged an arm and a leg in DLC prices. They didn't cut this from the original game and label it as DLC. This is all new content. 10 new characters, new moves, new levels, new music, tweaked balance. They could have cut it into 4$ a character, 2$ a background and 5$ for music then patched the balance and taken up 5 gigs on your HD and nickle and dimed the heck out of you... However they didn't. They offered a new game at a reduced price and a ton of new content. Hopefully this will entice many new players into the genre while keeping the faithful... well faithful.

Some of the original buyers may feel burned. I did at first. Now I feel that I supported a good game and Capcom realized that the fans wanted more. They worked very hard and made an amazing piece of fan service at a good price. Really I could go buy madden every year for 60$ and not complain about that. All they ever do is update the roster and add a feature or 2 that could easily be DLC... I never see an outcry for that... This game offers a lot more then a simple DLC pack so any one who is an old SF fan like myself or a new challenger who is interested may be enticed to try what is quite possibly the best fighting game ever made.

Anyway now that all the justification to buy the game is out of the way how is the game itself? Well it is still a little hard to tell how balanced it will be. After the next EVO games tournament we will probably have a better idea. I can tell you though it feels good. There are some good players out there in online land right now who school me and make me work and practice my A game. The controls are tight and the balance tweaks are subtle enough to matter yet not detract if your old character got taken down a notch or 2.

One more bonus is that every character is unlocked from the beginning. This was a huge bonus to me. The last SF4 had that big problem in that you had to go through the single player a ton of times and complete certain objectives in order to unlock all the characters. After I had done all this tedious work my PS3 died and had to get sent out... My save file was lost and for some reason Capcom locked the save so it could not be backed up anyway... So Super SF4 is much better in this way. If I decide to take my game to my buddies house I don't have to unlock everything and we can just play as anyone we want and if my PS3 dies again thats one less save I need to worry about. Sure I may lose some costumes or colors but it wont be a huge loss. A huge bonus for me.

The new characters are all good. Balanced in very well to the cast. All the characters I have practiced with so far feel like strong competitors. Along with the new characters all the existing characters now have an additional Ultra move to add to their move list. However players must choose only one at the start of a match.

One neat thing that has happened now is when you get into a ranked match you can't see who the other person is choosing. This is good and bad. Bad because it's not true to the arcade style of things which is what the game is based off of. What I mean is when your standing next to some guy at an arcade cabinet you can see who they are choosing. However it is good because some characters have a very difficult match up against other characters. i.e. T hawk has a very tough time against good E Honda players. Zangief has a very tough time against good Ibuki Players... So now you wont have people sitting waiting to see who you choose so they can counter with someone else. One cool thing on top of this though is that if you choose your character and wait at the "Choose ultra" screen you can see who they choose so if you have an "Anti ground" and an "Anti Air" ultra and the character they choose is a grappler you know to go for the anti ground ultra. So even further strategy is added to the game.

Some new character stories are added. Nothing much in the way of story unless you have followed the anime a lot...

There is a much more robust online mode this time. With Ranked battle, Team Battle and Endless battle. Soon the Tournament battle is suppose to be coming out (rumored to be free) which also looks great. There is also a "Replay channel" where you can watch different matches from some pretty decent players. Watch the match in slow motion to get an idea of timing and other elements involved. Very neat option for those who like to study the theory of Street Fighter.

The whole package is amazing even down to the 53 page full color instruction manual the game comes with detailing new characters and moves, modes and even some strategy.

Honestly other then that it is mostly the same as the first SF4. New backgrounds and flashy moves here and there and all I can say is read the first review and add the comments here to that. If your a SF fan this is a must buy. If your a casual fighting game fan this is a good start. I feel the value is there for everyone who enjoys a good fighting game.

Not much has changed since the first. It has a very neat art style but not mindblowing in terms of graphics. The game always runs at 60FPS and never dips except in poorly connected online matches.
Much better then SF4's music. Also every rival has their own music so overall there is a ton of additional music and sound that doesn't annoy the heck out of you.
The game holds true to the easy to learn, Hard to master philosophy all SF's have held. There is a huge underground following so if you feel like diving in you'll find a warm community who are ruthless gamers =D
Fun Factor
Fantastically fun game. Deep, Competitive and fast paced. A Fighting game fan could not ask for more.
Tons of new online modes with lobbies and rooms with the option to watch matches of different players and get a feel for the strategy involved. Some lag at times but still rare.
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