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User Review : Suikoden

  • Story that will keep you hooked{Days worth of playtime{One of the Best PSN games
  • Music is almost to cheerful at times.Especially during sad,dramatic events.

A tale of courage,love and destiny

I never had the pleasure to play this game back in the day.
It's a shame really.Considering this is one of the best RPG's i ever played.


It looks great for a Mid 90's RPG.What you would expect.
Not much i can really say here..


It has some very up-beat "happy go lucky" type of music.It's great when your exploring the countryside,visiting towns or during conversations with the A.I

One thing i don't like is how it keeps that same cheerful music as something terrible just happended..or your "home base"
(i don't want to spoil anything) Gets attacked etc.I found that pretty odd..


This is where Suikoden really shines.It's one of those game where you go so wrapped up in the story you can't put the controller down

You start off as the Son of one of the 5 great imperial Generals of the empire.After your father is sent north to defend the borders,you are basically branded a traitor to the empire
(For Reasons i wont spoil)

And you and your friends begin your epic quest.
You eventually become the leader of the Liberation Army.
You recruit soldiers,rebels,pirates,bandits,elves,dwarves,ninjas & everything you can immagine.Up to 108 Soliders can join your army.

Yep,that means 108 playable characters.It's one hell of an RPG.

There is also these epic battles where it's Your army vs imperial army and you choose the tactis and battle it out for control of territorys and castles etc.

The story is much more deep and in-depth then that but i really don't want to ruin anything,as the story is the best part of this game.


It's what you would expect.Turn based combat with your party of 6 characters

You can use basic combat moves,rune's (magic) or Ranged attacks.
You can also defend & use potions,herbs etc.

It's great for what it is.

Bottom line:

This is seriously one of the best RPG's i ever played.
The story is sooo good.You never know who's going to betray you.Whats going to happen next.Who's going die..Where you're going to end up.

And just when you think the games over you get another 10-15 hours worth.Truly a great game.

Very addictive.You always want to reach that next level. Upgrade your weapons,beat that stubborn boss.
The grahics are great for a mid 90's RPG
Fun Factor
It's truly an Epic game.A must own for any RPG fan.
Socomer 19795630d ago

thanks dude. I will file game in my must play before i die folder.

ThatCanadianGuy5630d ago (Edited 5630d ago )

You really should.Best 5$ you'll ever spend.
Unless you see pamela anderson with a sign saying "BJ'S for 5$"

Either way,great deal.

Le Idiotce5629d ago

wait till you see Suikoden 2. By far the superior Suikoden of all the Suikodens.

And keep that Suikoden 1 save. You will need it to unlock McDohl in Suikoden 2.

callahan095627d ago

It's really only 5 dollars? Not 10? I thought it was 10. I still have an original PSone copy, but if it's only like 5 dollars maybe I'll buy this version so I can take it with me on my PSP as well.

La Chance5630d ago

playing Suikoden 5 a couple of weeks ago on my PS2.Iwas verysurprised at how good it was.
I think its a pity some people are so obsessed with Final fantasy and dont give credit to less popular games like suikoden

Jager5630d ago

So Suikoden 5 is good? cause i played #4 and didnt like it much, and aprrently it is considered the worst in the series.

ThatCanadianGuy5630d ago

Wow ! There's five of them?

I've only played the first..i have some catching up to do lol
Hopefully they release more on the PSN.

callahan095627d ago

Only 2 of them were for the PSone. Suikoden 3, 4, 5, and Tactics were all released for the PS2, so you won't be seeing them on the PSN unless they start offering PS2 downloads, and even then I don't see the Suikoden games being on the top of their priority to add. Anyway, Suikoden 2 would be AWESOME on the PSN because it is one of the most rare and expensive PSone games, and I never got to play it, but most people say it's spectacular. I really hope they put it up there so I can get to play it without forking over more than 100 dollars.

Also, for anyone who's interested, Suikoden 3 is an amazing entry in the series and my favorite for the PS2. Suikoden Tactics is a really great strategy RPG but it is kind of weak on the story and it's a bit on the easy side, but the graphics and presentation are very good.

S4NDM4N5630d ago

Are you Token420 on Gamespot and on PSN?

WhoaMan5629d ago

i played suikoden 1 but i couldnt finish it because my cd was scratched and the farthest i could get to was when u had to getthe sword out of that stone to kill that invincible vampire.
i also played suikoden 3 and it was incredibly fun

Danja5629d ago

is actually my

gravv5629d ago

i always think that suikoden series are better than ff.... except suiko 4 its the worst suiko ever....

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shinoff2183152d ago

Wish they'd hurry with these remasters lol. I was hoping to knock them out before ec released.

CUnit123123152d ago

You're telling me. I assume they will likely piggy back of EC hype. But we will have to wait and see.


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