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User Review : Street Fighter 5

  • Cross Platform Play
  • In-Depth Training Mode
  • Netcode
  • Online Lobbies
  • Lack of SP Content

It's What You're Hearing Listen

X may not be here to give it to ya, but Capcom does with their latest iteration of Street Fighter with cross platform play and their first introduction of Fight Money which can be used for getting DLC characters for FREE.

As you play the game through the currently available modes such as Ranked Match, Survival, and Story Mode, you will earn what is called Fight Money. Fight Money is an in game currency similar to IP or Influence Points in League of Legends. With that being said you can use the Fight Money you earn from playing those game modes to buy the upcoming DLC characters, and some of the costumes in the game without having to break the real bank.

In the free March update, Story mode will be upgraded with real cinematics, and a longer story mode for each individual character, increasing the online lobby size for "Fighting Lounge" where you can create your own room for randoms to join, or invite your friends to duke it out.

As it stands now, I believe you can only have a few people in your lounge, but as I said it will be updated in March. Also coming in the March update will be returning character Alex from SFIII, the Shop where you can use your Fight Money to purchase him, story mode costumes, upcoming DLC characters and more. If you thought that was all that was coming in March, there's more, so get ready for Challenges to be added too.

Challenges are the games new daily system that gives you "quests" that reward a lot of Fight Money on completion so you don't have to grind out Fight Money as much.

Currently the story mode is short, and from most of the media's reception leaves much to be desired, but the real meat of the game is the Online Gameplay. With the online gameplay which is really something to behold you'll find that the game plays almost as good as it does offline with no noticeable input lag (unless you have awful internet or are playing against someone who does) and now has more more competitive ranking mode.

You receive what is called League Points (LP) for each win you receive in Ranked Mode and are placed in different divisions based on your placement. The first rank which is Bronze is available at 500LP, Super Bronze is 1000LP and so on. When you lose in Ranked mode you still receive fight money, but you do lose a very small amount of LP.

Survival is the closest thing available for those who want something similar to Arcade Mode, as the game was never announced with an Arcade Mode, but I don't care about single player in Fighting Games so I won't take points off for that.

In conclusion, if you actually like fighting games or are looking to learn how to play them, I highly recommend SFV aside from all of the heat it is catching for not having a lot of single player content.

This game is a great introduction to fighting games and for those of all skill levels. While the game may lack content currently, aside from premium costumes, it's all going to be free to earn. I can't express enough how great it is that Capcom is not pulling any of the 200+ costumes for $4 or charging you for on-disk DLC.

I purchased the game on PC for $45.00 through, and feel like I got quite a deal.

Personally, I think the graphics are top notch as SFV is using the Unreal 4 Engine which really makes for an interesting art style that blends a slight oil pastel look on top of very clean and crisp 3D models.
From Ryu's HADOKEN! to Birdie's opening of "It isn't too late to run back to mum now", the sound is very crisp and clean and really enhances the fun of the game with an engaging soundtrack.
The gameplay for SFV is easily it's strongest feature, as it gives players of any skill level the tools to improve their fighting game skills as long as you take advantage of them.
Fun Factor
I love this game! SFV is very hard to put down and is top 3 in my list.
Capcom proves with SFV that there can be a seamless environment between PC and PS4. Easily up there sitting towards the top of the list of best netcode next to KI, VF5, and DOA5 LR.
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TheGreatGamer1988d ago

Seriously? Online a 10/10? What the F*** are you smoking?

Hold_It1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

You must be one of those people that thinks something as ghetto as MK could be considered decent.

You also must not be taking into account how awful Cross Platform play for fighting games has been in the past, and how much Capcom shows that it can be executed well with SFV.

Capcom has reacted almost instantly with server fixes for SFV, and when the online works, it works flawlessly. They aren't sitting here telling people that the online is bad because they didn't expect that many people to buy their game. (MKX)

They also aren't saying that nothing can be done to improve the netcode ,and then turning around a month before their main competitor's game and using almost the same netcode system as their competition. (MKX)

I don't have to worry about some scrub mentality community not wanting to learn a matchup so they are going to get on the forums and twitter and complain so much that the developers make my character become the worst in the game.(MKX/NRS community)

I don't have to worry about my inputs not coming out correctly because the game has amazing netcode. (MKX/NRS Games)

You either have bad internet, a Walmart tier computer, or you haven't even played the game and are just going by mainstream media rather than your own experiences. The online is top notch.

Odoylerules0001983d ago

I was thinking about getting it on my own but I remembered that X is gonna deliver it to me. So, nvm.

fei-hung1981d ago

Been playing it since launch and it's the best Street Fighter to date and arguably one of the best fighters this gen.