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User Review : South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • Funny as all hell
  • Everything is authentic
  • Stays true to the license
  • You won't probably like it if you're not a fan of South Park

A factual review on The Stick of Truth

Obviously I’m not going to spoil anything, but if you are not a fan of South Park then stay away as you will not understand the hundreds of references to the show and movie.

Since the game isn’t a Triple A game but NOT an Indie game the review isn’t that long, also it’s freaking South Park. Who doesn’t know at least something about South Park?

I have to address this first, it is amazing. It is a simple turn based combat system but because there are so many different mechanics and things that the enemy will do it is very deep. The game forces you to think what to do and how to do it, there’s magical attacks, abilities, items and your own weapon. You can upgrade your armor and weapons with stickers that grant different effects and the game keeps the combat fresh with tons of different enemies, the combat can get a tiny bit repetitive at some points but this is why the developers allow for stuff that you can do to skip the battles.

The game even has this buddy system where you can fight alongside with some of the kids, only one buddy at a time thou so think carefully. You should take a buddy that goes well ith your class, there’s the warrior, mage, thief and Jew…Yes, Jew.

I can’t say much without spoilers but it’s fresh and it works beautifully.

The story is as simple as it could be, you are the new kid in town and decide to make friends with everyone from the show. You are going to be meeting with almost the entire cast of South Park and get into their epic conflict for The Stick of Truth.

I won’t spoil anything but if you’ve watched a single South Park episode you should know what to expect, except that everything is cranked up to ninehundredand****.

While the story is linear you can make a few choices in the game, it doesn’t affect how the game goes but it’s still a nice touch.

I was actually a bit worried about this but I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the animations and art, believe it or not but the animations are MUCH smoother than on the actual show.

The animations are done in the same manner as in the show but they managed to make them to be much smoother, they do use animations that don’t look paper cut outs for some attacks and effects but they look good as well and fit the setting nicely.

The weapons, armor, environment freaking everything looks as if this was a bigger budget South Park movie. Everything just looks awesome and simple. They even managed to make feces to look disgusting.

I have heard that the PC version has the “most” problems but apart from a few audio and animation problems if you Alt Tab a lot, a restart will fix these problems and they will patch this.

Because the game is in the art style of South Park it will pretty much run on everything, and the game looks awesome in 1080p HD.

Oh my freaking fart, this soundtrack is awesome and the sound design is just perfect. They put so freaking much effort on all the little things, what do I mean by that? Well for example, when you load your game there’s a small guitar tune and it’s the exact same as in South Park when they do the transition from commercial breaks back into the show. It’s the little things!

There is epic music, there is funny songs, there are South Park songs form the show in the game and almost all parody songs are in the games radios!

The games world is very well designed, there are a dozen fast travel points and the town is actually pretty big. It’s not huge like Fallout but it is still pretty big, especially if you go outside of town. You WILL get lost in those woods, they’re designed that way.

The game gives good loot at very specific points and really shows that this game was played to death in the testing phase. There aren’t any game breaking glitches, I did however manage to bug the game by screwing about and being a bit too fast in some places.

But still, even thou the game isn’t that long it is still easily a 12 hour venture if you wish to look for references and do some side quests.

I have to address 3 things that idiots have cried about ever since you could preorder the game on Steam.

First, the price. The game costs 40 Euros and oh good lord, it was 10% off when it was available for preorder and THOUSANDS of people were crying about the price. It is an OBSIDIAN game, it is NOT an Indie game. The game can take well over 12 hours to complete, the game is extremely funny and contains tons of Easter Eggs and “secret” gags. The different classes offer replayability as well do the different Buddies and choices you can make. It is WORTH the money EASILY.

Second, censorship? Some countries have censored a SOUTH PARK GAME, censorship in itself is evil and retarded but seriously? Many nations are affected by this like Germany and Australia. Australia isn’t a surprise but still.

Third, the game is extremely offensive and disgusting…Really? What did you expect from a SOUTH PARK GAME!?

It’s an EASY MUST HAVE game, just do yourself a favor and buy the damn thing. Do it.

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minimur121678d ago

I really liked the game, funny as hell and the amount of references were awesome, even just finding the sword of a thousand truths in a draw and the Al Gore, funny as hell. I'd give it an 8.5/10 though, the 1.5 was the lag and the slowdowns, I bought it digitally and there was major lag in the game, when entering a new street in the game you'll it'd probably be on like 10fps and you'f jump across the screen, it was annnoying but hey, the game was effing awesome.

armyman_221677d ago

I just bought it yesterday...your review helped persuade me....haven't popped it in yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

mixelon1682d ago

A factual review.. In oppose to all those fictional reviews I keep reading?

Its nice SP fans are enjoying the game.. I'll get it eventually. :D

minimur121678d ago

get it! :D

also, if you do get the american version, I found that because of how innapropriate it is, I could only play it at night when everyone was asleep because I didn't want my family to see it, who wants to see someone getting anal probed on a 50" screen? lol

mushroomwig1681d ago

'You won't probably like it if you're not a fan of South Park'

Really now?

Magicite1680d ago

Im a huge JRPG fan but this game got me really hooked.

minimur121678d ago

this is the funniest game I've played in ages, this was the funniest and Deadpool the game was second.