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Sega Definitely Tried….Sonic Unleashed Review

Some of you may have already heard about its release but Sonic Unleashed is now released for The Nintendo Wii , Xbox 360 , and PlayStation 2 & 3 consoles. Having heard about its 3D behind the back third person view and 2D side-scroller platforming combo I said to myself ”Hey lets give the little blue guy another shot”. Besides who didn’t love the original 2D Sonic in all his rolling glory. I am here today to tell all readers never again will I drive around the corner and across the street to borrow a game that causes a disturbance in the force. Sega I have a serious question for you. Are you stupid or stupid ?

If turning the little blue guy into a “were-hog” is your idea of putting Sonic back on the map then do yourself a favor as a company and fire all story development employees. To quote Katt Williams ” Y’all just let the driver of the car get lost for mile’s and mile’s and mile’s.”. I suggest you stop now; make a u-turn and look at the reason why sonic was popular in the first place. If anything why not just make a bad ass old school sonic game again. I wonder if the guys/gals over on the development team start their ideas with te thought" Hey I wonder how much worse we can make our sonic games". I will give you a kudos for trying again. I will admit that at points i enjoyed the 2D experience once again but for me this is a don’t buy. The only reason I might ever purchase this game would be if it was the in the used games bin and my 9 year old brother cried tears of blood while singing old shirley temple melodies to get me to buy it.

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