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User Review : Sonic Unleashed

A review of Sonic Unleashed for the Wii

Let’s get right down to it. The Wii version is missing some areas and the graphics are not as great as the Xbox360 version. But the frame rate never slows down and the day time and night time areas mix well. To the review!

Gameplay: 8
Your first look at the game when playing it you have to learn all of Sonics daytime moves. Then soon you test all of your new skills in a 2 Act blitz with High speeds and sharp turns. From ramps to things to grind on you have all of the normal Sonic stuff. Then it become night time and you are forced to play as this slow moving thing. The werehog isn’t that bad at all but you have to play alot of him before you get to the daytime stages. The funest thing in the game that I think is the sub missions. you run around getting rings, trying to not get hit, or just having fun. They try to make the game longer by putting in a map and you have to find all the pieces to get into the gaia temple so you can play your next few stages. This becomes boring after the first 30 seconds. Over all the game play is great and it would be better if they put in a few more day time stages.

Graphics: 9
For the Wii these are great graphics. Story clips or what ever you want to call them look the best but they always look the best. In game I have one small problem and it is that when I look at Sonic he looks a bit blocky but not much. Maybe I’m crazy but the graphic still look epic.

Sound: 10
Wait what the music has no singing? Yeah just like the old school games there is no singing for the music. Though it’s no just like the old games with your beeps and boops you have nice feel to them. The daytime level feel happy to where the night time levels are dark and then they throw in a little jazz in some of the stages and you got some of the best Sonic music out of the new school games. Voice acting is also great. And Chip doesn’t have this high pitched voice like some of our past cast.

Speed: 8
You can’t say this game isn’t fast. If you do then you must be a very bad Sonic player. Every little thing added to the daytime stages are put in so you go as fast as you can all the time with out stopping till you get to the goal. Then you play the night time stages and you have to stop and kill some people run some more do some climbing and jumping and some more fighting till you get to the goal. This is why i only gave it an 8, night time is slow.

Overall: 8.7

OK and my last thoughts are this:
Day stages: one word, FAST!
Night stages: Slow buthas some great parts to it, like the second act in China or whatever they call it.

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Fun Factor
This game is really fun even though it's missing some of the stages. No hub world is what really helps.
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