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User Review : SOCOM: Confrontation

  • Has that SOCOM II Feeling{Character creation is great, really makes it so its not attack of the clones.{Old maps, Crossroads, Frosfire, and DESERT GLORY!!!!
  • Unbalanced gameplay{Weak sniper rifles, and crappy scopes{KILL LIMIT IN RESPAWN >
  • .<

Has that SOCOM 2 feeling, while adding in new things. Sadly, It's unbalanced.

So, finally. The next SOCOM is here! Oh how I've longed for the feeling of that beautiful headshot, and afterwords doing that in your face victory dance. How I've longed for hearing the twelve year olds cry in the lobby after an epic pwnage...

SOCOM: Confrontation delivers all of that, and more. Now I can hear the kids cry after I kill them in the game, hearing what the enemy is saying when you're close is a tasty treat indeed! Ahh, the blood effects in this game are great. The audio is AMAZING even without 7.1 or even 5.1 surround sound. If you have those, I envy you. The sound of every gunshot in the game has that certain feeling to it. It sounds real. Going into that sniper scope and taking that beautiful headshot on the other side of the alley in Crossroads brings me back to the days of SOCOM 2. The very first SOCOM headshot I got in that game felt so great. I've been deprived of a good SOCOM for years, and this is very satisfactory.

The character creation is sweet. The maps are great, may I say CROSSROADS FROSTFIRE AND DESERT GLORY! Those 3 maps are all you need to play to have fun. All of them are down to exact detail from the originals, only better. The servers and games don't take too long to join. The action is perfectly paced. There are so many ways to flank the enemy, which really helps to balance it.

However, that isn't enough. The seals are so under armed when compared to the Mercenaries, and all the weapons are enabled. The Merc's get full auto shotguns, a 30(?!) shot rapid fire pistol, and a larger weapon selection. once you get the good weapons finally unlocked the balance changes, but only for you. It's sadening to see someone who has played ranked rooms like crazy, and gets the best guns, and seeing them go against someone who only likes respawn, and only respawn. It is so unbalanced, especially when the Merc is the one with all the weapons.

The snipers are very underpowered, and the scopes are crap. The high powered scope was absolutely perfect in previous SOCOMs, now its nothing. The M87ELR is a .50 calibur anti material rifle, and in some cases it can take 3 hits in the chest to kill someone. The assault rifles are perfectly powered though. The M14 is a beast, very powerful, and to help balance the game it has a very excessive recoil. Just a few shots will kill someone with it. It's the same with all the weapons...

Except the iditoic, ignorant n00bs who use the M60's, Mk. 48's, F90's, full auto shotty's, and M203's. I blame COD4 for that. If you have the M60 all you have to do is hold down the R1 button and spray bullets everywhere. It's a nub cannon. It spoils the game. Back in the old days of SOCOM if you used any of those n00b guns you would be voted out almost instantly. SOCOM used to be completely about skill. Now it's about the skilled getting pissed off and being forced to use a n00b cannon, to kill the n00b. The rocket launchers are annoying too, they're much too accurate.

Sometimes, the servers are laggy. This is usually the custom made games though. If you go into a premade room it's rarely laggy. The lag gets annoying and really hurts gameplay at times. Still, it's nothing very bad. Also, the only way you can lean over is with the SIXAXIS. The controls are slightly different from the previous SOCOM's, but still good. I still prefer the classic camera view over the over the shoulder view. Another thing, there is no more first person view that I've loved in the past. It's very handy for shotgun sniping. Atleast it was. This is one of my biggest letdowns.

But, there is one last thing that I hate more than anything in the game itself. The kill limit, only in respawn of course. You cannot remove it, you cannot make it more than 50 or 60 kills. In a room of 16vs16 games can go by in 5 minutes at times, even in 8v8 its like that. Even created games force you to use it. I want to play long games, not these short games. I absolutely hate the kill limit and want to rip the faces off the person who forced it on us. No longer can I go in a 20 minute game and get 100+ kills. I can only average 12-20 kills anymore. It spoils the respawn games, and makes me want to vomit at times.

Overall, this game is definitely worth the 40 bucks it is. Its definitely worth 60 if you get the headset. If I were to rate the headset I would give the headset 10/10. Its got crisp clear sound to it, it's very comfortable, you can adjust it to fit on just about any ear, left or right. Anyway, this review is about the game, not the headset. Oh, the charging stand is sexy, just thought I'd say that. :D.

So if you're a fan of great tactical shooters, pick this up. I'm sure most of the bugs will be patched out. There aren't really many bugs in this game. Also, if you're one of those players who MUST have good graphics, this game isn't entirely for you. To me it looks great on the old maps. You can really see the massive graphical leaps we've come from since SOCOM 2. The oil bins in SOCOM 2 were poorly detailed and just blue things it seemed. In CONFRONTATION, the bins look dented from bullet shots in some parts, they look like real metal. I absoutely love playing this game. No doubt about that. [Insert probably really needed last sentence here that doesn't get me off topic.]

The gameplay is unbalanced against the SEALs alot of times. The n00bs with grenade launchers, F90s, and M60's need to quit. If you use those and are reading this. Please, stop.
The game looks alright. SOCOM never was known for graphics, its the gameplay that counts anyway, right?
Oh god the sounds the guns make are flawless! Every shot sounds real, even from speakers coming from a TV.
Fun Factor
The games a blast when you're not getting torn up by n00b cannons. Gets intense on no respawn rooms and everyone dies but you and one person.
Some server lag here and there, but only really noticeable when in custom created rooms.
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