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User Review : Shadow of the Colossus

Zelda minus the dungeons only boss battles

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No. players: 1
Genre: Action-adventure
(Vexx's) Classification: Zelda minus the dungeons only boss battles.

"A quest to bring a loved one back from the any means necessary"

The game is simple you need to bring back this girl (Sister, girlfriend, future wife, princess we never really know) to life, so you go this cursed land to do this the catch? You gotta kill this 16 giants to do so.

The game has a lot going for it. The lighting is top notch the graphics over all pretty good as well. The landscape is massive although not a lot of wildlife (except for a few birds from time to time). When you end up fighting one of these monoliths they are huge I'm talking like trying to fight half the empire state building if it had legs and was buff huge. You gotta climb up said colossus and stab it to death in its 1 or more vital spots that glow thanks to your trusty sword. You have to do that for every colossus but it doesn't get repetitive because the way you scale the giants are all different. Maybe 2 Colossus in the whole game seem the same. Its a puzzle how you get up to them its great but, it also has its share of down sides. After you complete the game you can Time Attack the colossi and there is a hard mode.

First and foremost if you like games to have cities, people and loads of wildlife and you don't like being lonely. Look some where else. all there will be is You, your horse, that dead girl at the shrine and a few birds...oh and the 16 giants across the land. Secondly you have 2 weapons the magic sword and a bow (to get attention most of the time). Its all you need but, I personally would like to use something else to dispatch these enemies. Third its short. I mean I screwed up a few times and took my time and it only took 8 hours. But that's just one play through so.
Fourth and probably the most important the 16 colossi are epic but, they are the only enemies in the entire game. It gets kinda boring going from colossus to colossus with nothing else to fight.

With that said its worth at least playing all the way through and since its only 20 bucks new right now its also worth buying but if it was still 50 dollars I would tell you to rent it and beat it.

Its an original and fresh experience that will keep you occupied at how huge these things are and how you defeat them its just that it doesn't have a lot of depth.

Fun Factor
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-Alpha3710d ago

Blasphemy. This is a 10/10 game :D

The focus was never supposed to be on weapon variety, dungeons, other enemies, etc. The purpose was simple: stop at nothing to destroy 16 enemies in a desolate ruin. Adding more characters, enemies, weapons, etc. would only devolve from the direct point and purpose of the game. It would be a mere distraction.

I adore Zelda games, but never did I see myself comparing this to it.

I think everything in this game was perfectly crafted and intentional-- the length, lack of weapons and enemies and side missions, etc.

coolbeans3710d ago

Although I have to finish the game, you can tell the game's focus is driven towards only these huge monsters. Never really wanted to go through dungeons and deal with weapon variety.

sdtarm3710d ago

cant believe it got 7.7 on sound :/

Leafhopper3705d ago

Was because the songs that were in the game were excellent and ambient. There just wasn't enough of them. Hell I can play the colossus fighting music in my head right now.

Leafhopper3705d ago

Thinking too much into it going in. I guess I felt to lonely lol. I mean I did love the game don't get me wrong I loved how big the open world was but just something was a miss. The lack of enemies I got over but there needed to be some other kind of wildlife at some point.

Also I almost cried when I thought my horse died :(

RedDead3701d ago

Guess it's just not your type of game.
Also a game nearly making you cry is a plus. If it can touch you that much...

mastiffchild3709d ago

While I don't ever give games 100% scores SotC is one of the few that would come VERY close for me. Rarely would a handsome 8.5/10 cause me pain but here? I don't get it. The only issue I ever have with the game is one born of it just being too ambitious for the PS2 hardware and the framerate getting choppier than the Channel in a force 8. Sometimes during Colossi battles it REALLY crawls and I'm hoping to play it exactly how Ueda intended when the HD collection comes out next year.

But back to the review-it's harsh and I fail to see how you missed the emotional impact of the game. The loneliness, the way it makes you feel tiny and alone. The way you start to question the morals of your actions pretty soon after starting out and the lack of a busy game world is what makes all this possible. If you go to watch, idk, Waiting For Godot expecting action like Top Gun you're going to come away a little disappointed and that's similar to what I think happened here. ~Thing is Zelda is a great sereies ntoo but SotC isn't about dungeons and with Link you NEVER have to worry if what you're doing might be the wrong bthihnjg.

Sot6C built on the emotional impact of Ico and, to me, proved Ueda the master in his field at getting this job done-if you expect SotC to adhere to the rules of a lot of other games you could well miss the point a little(there isn't as much action in there as it's not all about that but a much more thoughtful experience overall)but stick it in hoping to FEEL something and it will wow you more than any other game yet to be made. It6's a masterpiece and while I understand it won't be for everyone I still find that score a bit sad.

Leafhopper3705d ago

Maybe that HD remake might make me give it a higher score. In all seriousness though thanks for the reply and obviously I don't hate it like I said 2 other people my problem with it was that it was almost too desolate at times and only a few songs. The sound effects were fine though. I may change the sound score.

Maybe it was the ending that got me :/ made me feel like all I done was for nothing then again a lot of games do that but this was a more emotional impact. I did see the emotional impact of the game trust me I did but I was thinking of it as a whole. I still love the concept of only fighting the colossi.