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User Review : Shadow Complex

Game Review: Shadow Complex

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Shadow Complex takes place in the Empire Universe, based on the work of noted sci-fi author Orsen Scott Card (of Ender's Game fame).
The game is set in a scenario where a radical left-wing militia group is plotting to overthrow the U.S. government and send the country into a second civil war.
The game begins with a short playable seen where the radical left-wing militia group assassinates the vice-president of the United States. From this scene the game transitions to an introduction of the main character, Jason Flemming. Jason and his girlfriend are on a "date" which includes plans to hike and explore a cave out in the middle of the woods...(always a great idea).
While exploring the cave, Jason's girlfriend is taken captive and Jason must save her!....
If you're looking for a metroid-vania experience, then Shadow Complex will deliver. The game takes you through a maze of different rooms with locked away secrets that are only accessible using certain weapons. Most of the game caters to the gamer who enjoys exploring every possible area of a game before they are completely satisfied.
If you're like me, you will soon learn that the storyline of Shadow Complex will not be the driving force behind why you're having so much fun. The purpose of playing Shadow Complex is to get your Super Metroidvania fan fix.
Overall, the game is very impressive for an XBLA title. Along with Braid, it shaped up to be one of the more memorable games to publish over the network.

If unlocking secret areas is your thing, Shadow Complex delivers. However, if you also want to be exposed to a story that keeps you engaged, you may be a little disappointed.

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Tiberium3482d ago

Expecting to be engaged in the story of an arcade game is a little too much to ask for. But good review overall.