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User Review : Sega's Mad World

  • Simply fun
  • Comic style gore
  • A great sense of humor from the Black Baron
  • Slight controls issues
  • The black and white can start to hurt your eyes
  • Short

Brutally fun and gory, But also Brutally short.

MadWorld. A game completely in Black and White except for the blood of course. You play as Jack a guy sent who is a complete bad ass with a chainsaw arm weapon, sent in to clean up a city that has gone complete insane and full of people ready to kill each other. They have started something though this was the start of a little game called Deathwatch. Jack must get inside of this island, work his way up to the top, and stop these games. Killing anyone in his path.

The game's controls are responsive and tight. the only main problem is the A button grab action. Tapping it is punch but holding it is grab and sometimes there are a lot of enemies on screen you might end up grabbing when you mean punch but you can easily get over that.

The stages are a serious of killing a bunch of enemies in a variety of interesting ways to get enough points to beat fun mini games to get enough points to fight one of the many interesting boss battles. The boss battles you better get used to some Wii-Waggle for some insane power struggles that will ensue. The game on Normal (and also the only difficulty at first) is easy, I'm talking REALLY freaking easy. Hard is pretty difficult for the fact that you have no lives no start with and enemies do more damage but with some practice you can manage. The game also has the best announcers ever in videogame history cracking jokes about the games that are hilarious beyond belief. This game definitely a "M" Rated game not for the little kiddies.

The sound track is awesome, consisting of a lot of hip-hop and rap tracks that are all good by awesome artist that are not to well known.

All in all the game was refreshing to me and I had a lot of fun with it but for the fact that the game can easily be beaten in 3-4 hours kinda brings it down a bit. I still bought it though.

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